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Opening the Mail Sac: Your trade ideas evaluated

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It's been about a week overdue but it's probably about time to open up the good ol' Sactown Royalty mailbag.  With the trade deadline nearing, I asked you for your ideas on how to fix the Kings.  Let's take a look at the thread here...

trades man

Ah well then.  On to the comments:


"Rudy and Ben for Crowder and Bradley, who says no?"

A: Boston says no and does so very quickly.  The Celtics are not a team looking for secondary starts like Rudy Gay.  They've made it clear that they've accumulated all these assets so they can make a run at a franchise guy.  That's why you keep hearing rumors about them going after guys like Cousins.  Plus there's the fact that Bradley is on a very affordable contract and Jae Crowder is a solid two-way wing who hasn't entered his prime yet.


"Rudy Gay, Darren Collison and Duje Dukan for Jeff Teague, Thabo Sefolosha and Mike Scott"'

A: In terms of actual assets I can see where you're going with this but I just don't think this is the type of return that the Kings would want if they gave up Rudy Gay.  Teague doesn't make much sense on this team as a backup Point Guard (which he would be with Rajon Rondo on the squad) and Sefolosha is an aging veteran.  Mike Scott's an intriguing stretch four, but he's also got potential jail time coming up.  This is something that I think the Kings would pass on.


"Rudy Gay and Darren Collison for Jeff Teague, Thabo Sefolosha and Shelvin Mack. If Rondo walks in the offseason (which the Kings should let happen if they get Teague), Kings have Teague with Mack as a backup."

A: This is almost identical to Wonderchild's scenario and I don't think the addition of Mack instead of Scott makes it much more palatable for the Kings, although I do think it is a better deal.  It'd be a weird fit with Rondo and Teague this season though, and you'd be essentially waving goodbye to Rondo this summer unless you thought you could transform Teague into a 6th man.


"Bradley for Gay, essentially. Looks like I got beaten to it, though I think Boston says no pretty quickly to moving Crowder and Bradley at the same time."

A: Rudy's the better player in this deal, but Bradley is the better contract.  I think that in terms of what Boston is looking to do with their own players, they wouldn't want to add another big contract and high usage player.

Pound th' Rock:

3 team trade

Sacramento gets:

SG - Kyle Korver
SF - Thabo Sefolosha
SG - OJ Mayo

Atlanta gets:

SF - Rudy Gay
PG - Michael Carter-Williams

Milwaukee gets:

PG - Jeff Teague
SG - Marco Belinelli"

A: The Kings give up their 2nd leading scorer to acquire two aging wings and O.J. Mayo?  No thanks. I'd need a young asset in return if I wanted to give up Rudy.


Sac sends:
Caron Butler and
Benny Mac


Lou Williams

A: Scoring hasn't been the issue with this Kings team, it's been defense.  Lou Williams is the best player in this deal, but do the Kings really need another ball-dominant scorer?  I do think this is something the Lakers wouldn't mind too much though since it gives them another young asset and clears out even more future cap space.


One for continuing the playoff push, like so.

Why does Atlanta do this? Apparently, they've got some PG issues and they need to make a choice. I suspect they part with Schroeder because he's seen as somewhat of a loose cannon, and by sending back Collison, Atlanta gets a reliable, quick backup guard to Teague. There could probably be more done here, but for a playoff push, I'm going for defense with Thabo while getting Schroeder on his rookie contract to possibly lock him up for the future. No, I don't really have a good rationale for why the Blazers do this, but I can see why Boston and Phoenix would.

If we blow it up, however, this is when I get funky.

Cousins to Boston. Get the Brooklyn pick and Boston's first rounder. Ship Rudy and that first rounder to Phoenix for Bledsoe (for next year since Rondo is 99.999% not coming back). Get back Crowder and Bradley from Boston. Portland takes on an expiring David Lee, rids themselves of Meyers Lemons, and acts as a facilitator. Since the trade machine won't let you add a fifth team, I send Caron to Milwaukee for Miles Plumlee, get some frontcourt depth.

A: I feel like the reason Atlanta has been toying with the idea of trading Teague is because they have a solid young player in Schroeder backing him up.  I like this trade for the Kings but I don't think it's something that the Hawks would be willing to pursue.

As for blowing it up, I'm going to want a lot more than one draft pick and an oft-injured semi-star if I have to deal Cousins.



BOS Gets: Al Horford

SAC Gets: Avery Bradley

ATL Gets: Rudy Gay and Tyler Zeller

A: If Atlanta does decide that they want to get rid of Al Horford at the deadline because they don't think he's going to re-sign, I think they could do much better than acquiring Rudy Gay and Tyler Zeller.  Also I addressed Rudy for Bradley above.


Kings trade


A: Why would the Bucks trade one of their best players in Middleton for a guy in Rudy who plays the same position as Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jabari Parker?  Plus, Middleton's locked in for years while Rudy could bolt after next season.


Robert Covington
Isaiah Canaan
Return of '16 and '17 pick swaps from the Stauskas/Landry trade

Darren Collison

Collison has been nice this year, but he's taken several steps back from his greatness at the beginning of last year. Obviously, he's got to contend with Rondo now, but I've still been disappointed after he was such a stud last year. I think his injury took him from a 9/10 athletically to an 8/10.

Robert Covington would fit perfectly on the Kings. He is big, fast, young and decent from 3. He'd be our best option as a perimeter defender (yes, better than the stalwart James Anderson [sarcasm]).

I'd also start negotiations off by asking to include our pick-swaps in the deal (from the Stauskas & Landry trade). I doubt we'd end up getting them back but may get 1 of the 2.

Sixers already have Ish Smith but Collison might be able to start over Ish, and if not, he would at least provide better offense than Covington and Canaan.

A: I don't see a single reason for the 76ers to return those pick swaps.  That's free lottery tickets for them and that's their ultimate goal.  They won't give those up for a decent Point Guard while also losing a young guard prospect in Covington.  This deal doesn't jive with Philadelphia's stated goals.


I'm dumb when it comes to this stuff

but might as well kill some time in this meeting.

Rudy Gay trade (would also make Chicago trade our pick back to us)

Marco trade

This is all I can think of right now. I tried to find a trade for Collison, and the only team I could really think could use a good PG is Utah, but not sure if I want to help them out .

A: That Rudy trade is actually something I could see the Bulls doing.  Noah doesn't seem to be part of their future and Rudy would be a big upgrade at SF for them.  The Kings would get back an expiring deal in Noah (along with his bird rights in case they want to re-sign him) and they also get a young stretch four player in Mirotic.  Snell is all about potential as he hasn't really done much in his NBA career.

As for the Marco trade, while I absolutely love Jared Dudley and have wanted him on the Kings for years, I think Washington enjoys the cap flexibility his one year contract gives them as they inevitably pursue Kevin Durant this summer.  Adding Marco's contract to the books doesn't make a ton of sense for them.


Trade with Utah

Sac gets: Burks, Neto
Utah gets: Collison, Butler, Dukan

This trade gives Utah the PG they are looking for and fills the hole at starting SG for the Kings. We aren't using Collison well anyway, so we may as well use his good contract to fill a hole.

A: I've thought about a Burks for Collison swap this year and I think it helps both teams.  Unfortunately, Burks is out with a broken leg so this is a deal that wouldn't help the Kings that much right now and it would also directly help one of the primary teams they are trying to catch in the playoff race.  Still, it's not a bad idea.


I've read multiple reports related to the Blatt firing that one of the things that upset LBJ

Was that Mo Williams(LBJ friend) was completely taken out of the rotation by Blatt and that all of his minutes went to the current backup Matthew Dellavedova who Blatt had ties with overseas. Some of the reports on Dellavedova implied that his energy at practice rubbed some of the older SG's the hard way leading to friction.

If Matthew is available because he's not on LBJ's good side, then I would be interested in the following trade: We will hate how much we love him

Kings get:

Cavs get:

I think all indications are pointing to the Kings sticking with Rondo as the point-guard of the future. Cuz/Gay both have publicly stated that they want him here longterm, and my guess is that behind closed doors Rondo has been assured of a deal at the end of the season.

That means that DC will remain a backup for the Kings. An above average one, but still a backup. However if the loss of DC is offset by a tough and scrappy pg/sg who can come off the bench to wreak havoc then to me it's worth it.

Butler also gets moved to a team that has a shot to compete for the championship. And Mozgov, though he will be redundant on the Kings, had to be thrown in to make the trade work because the Cavs couldn't bring in more salary than they were shipping out

A: Dellavedova's on a one-year deal that ends after this season.  If you want him, sign him this summer, don't trade for him.  Mozgov doesn't make a ton of sense for the Kings either with Koufos on board.


Rudy, Darren, Acy for Ryan Anderson and Jrue Holiday

Why we do it - Ryan Anderson gives the Kings some great spacing, Jrue is tall enough to guard the 2 well and fill in in those three guard line-ups Karl is so inexplicably fond of.

Why NO does it - Rudy is the best player in the deal, Ryan Anderson may be gone anyway, and Collison isn't that big of a drop-off from Holiday.

A: Ignoring the fact that the Pelicans already have reportedly turned down a Rudy for Ryan Anderson swap, I don't see why the Pelicans would then give up a former All-Star PG in Holiday (who is playing really well as of late) to get Darren Collison and Quincy Acy.


Offense for Defense

Tony Allen and Mario Chalmers for Darren and Marco

A: I think this is a trade that helps the Grizzlies more than it does us.  Chalmers is basically an undersized SG and Allen probably doesn't have much time left in the league. If Allen were younger and able to be a longer term fit this would make more sense.


Last one (I promise)

Rudy Gay, Ben McLemore for Victor Oladipo and Channing Frye

This one may be my favorite.

A: Whenever I look at trades for Rudy Gay, the team that always pops out to me is the Orlando Magic.  Boy do they have a lot of assets that play similar positions.  I would absolutely love this trade and I don't think it's something that the Magic would immediately shy away from even given Oladipo's potential.  Whatever the case, if the Kings do trade Rudy, call up Orlando first.  Between Oladipo, Fournier, Tobias Harris, Hezojna and Aaron Gordon, there's at least one young asset that'd make a Rudy deal very palatable.


Memphis gets: Rudy Gay
Kings get: Tony Allen and Jeff Green

Pros: Kings get the perimeter defender they so desperately need, who is under contract for next year as well. Ben goes to the bench, where he may be better suited for continued development. Marco's minutes go down dramatically. They also get a three guard, Jeff Green, who will maintain the scoring efficiency and make up for some of the loss of scoring from losing Rudy even though there will be a loss in overall scoring by losing Gay.

Cons: This doesn't satisfy the younger player goal articulated through Mark Stein. Tony Allen is older and probably only gives you value through the end of next season. Jeff Green is an UFA after this season, which also goes against the criteria set forth by Mark Stein. Lack of shooting in the starting lineup would be a concern: Rondo, Allen, Green, WCS, Boogie, but Allen is actually shooting .360 from 3 this season and .345 last year, so not really a drop from our current 2s. Plus, Green's career 3p% is very comparable to Rudy's. It is a down this year, but he shot .362 last year.

Why the Kings do it despite the cons? Well, if there short term goal is to make a playoff push this year and next, then they really need to address the defense (particularly at the perimeter). This trade gets an elite and versatile perimeter defender (still a 102 Dtrg guy this year) and a guy that can fill in some of what is lost by trading away Rudy. (Disclaimer - I am not opining that this should be the goal, but IF that is the goal, then this is the type of trade that would address the team's biggest need and inconsistency - defense.)

Why does Memphis do it? They are falling behind the elite competition in the west. Allen is older and Green is a UFA at the end of the season anyways. They add scoring (currently second to last in the West in PPG) and a good player on a value contract.

A: This makes some sense.  I just don't think it helps the Kings enough to make them want to pull the trigger.


This seems plausible...

Rudy/Marco for Tyreke/Ryan Anderson

A: This is only plausible if you convince aging Pelicans owner Tom Benson that you are actually Dell Demps and that Marco Belinelli is actually just how you say Stephen Curry in Italian.


My trade idea.

Kings get:
Lance Stephenson

Clippers get:


Kings get:
P.J. Tucker

Phoenix gets:
Ben and Duje

A: The first trade you suggest actually seems plausible.  The Clippers don't seem to like Lance and he hasn't exactly lived up to his contract with them.  Marco hasn't fit in very well in Sacramento.  This trade would also save the Clippers money and potentially get them a better fit.  Vlade also seems to be of the Geoff Petrie mindset that talent can always be redeemed so I could see him taking such a chance on Stephenson.

As for the second trade, I do like P.J. Tucker.  I wish he was younger and I wish he was locked in for a longer time, but he would give the Kings a reliable multi-positional defender.  It all depends on if you feel Ben can grow into that role sometime soon and for potentially longer term.


How about this one

Bellinelli for Sefolosha - works in the Trade Machine, but I'm not good with links.

A: Pro-tip: "works in the trade machine" is not a good basis for actual trades.  In this case, Sefolosha is a far more valuable player than Belinelli due to his defense.


Phoenix gets:
SF - Rudy Gay
SG - Ben McLemore
C - Kosta Koufos

Kings get:
C - Tyson Chandler
SF - PJ Tucker
SF - TJ Warren
SG - Archie Goodwin

Suns do it to get out of the Chandler deal that makes no sense for them anymore and they get a go to scorer at 3 with Rudy Gay. Koufos gives good big men depth and Ben is still a nice prospect in need of a change of scenery/role.

Kings get a great mentor in Chandler, a leader that will go a long way to changing the defensive culture. Also on a team with WCS we can now have a shotblocker on the floor at all times to make up for perimeter D deficiencies. PJ Tucker is a bulldog on the wings we can stick him on the other teams best wing scorer. Warren is a cheap young scorer could replace Gay. Goodwin is some young blood to have on the end of the bench and hope for any development.

I love this deal any belief that the Suns would bite?

A: I think Phoenix is going to be looking to shed contracts and adding Rudy wouldn't necessarily fit that.  However they would be getting rid of Chandler's contract in return.  It's not a terrible idea, but I don't think they'd want to add Warren to the deal. I think this could work without McLemore and Warren in the deal.  Chandler would make a great mentor for Willie, and Tucker would be our best perimeter defender immediately.


R. Gay, D. Collison, and C. Butler

K. Middleton, M.C. Williams, and C. Copeland.

Kings get tougher and longer on D with a nice 3 pt shooter (Middleton), wing depth, and a ball handler to replace Collison.

Bucks get a proven iso scorer, ball handler with a nice 3 point shot in DC, and tuff juice gets to go home.

A: Come on man.  The Bucks aren't giving up Middleton for Rudy Gay.  Forget the rest of the deal.  Middleton just got locked in to a big contract, is very young and is years away from his prime.  A trade like this wouldn't make any sense for the Bucks.


Sacramento, Atlanta, Chicago

Sac gets:
Jeff Teague
Thabo Sefolosha
Joakim Noah
Tony Snell

Atlanta gets:
Rudy Gay
Darren Collison

Chicago gets:
Ben McLemore
Shelvin Mack
Caron Butler

This is basically giving up on Ben for some cap space in the summer. I don't know how much they value that or not, but it would possibly put the Kings closer to $30M in cap room. This could be used to potentially resign Rondo, and then go after a free agent or two (maybe Afflalo and/or Batum). In the meantime, you throw Teague into the mix for basically Collison's role (backup PG but close to 30 mpg). An extra year on his contract gives us insurance over Rondo's possible departure. Sefolosha improves perimeter D by starting at SG and also being able to play SF to cover up Marco's defense when the Kings go to the bench.

Atlanta does it to get a playmaker at SF. Also, they can move Schroeder up to starting PG and continue to have depth at the position with Collison.

Chicago, not fully behind why they would do it, but they do get two younger assets in McLemore and Mack for what is basically dead weight on their bench right now.

A: Yeah I'm not seeing what Chicago gets out of this deal either or why the Kings would try to get Noah when he can't help the team this year and will be a free agent this summer.  This is the problem when you try to involve too many teams in trade ideas.  Everyone has to get something of value.


A smaller trade:

Sac gets:
Thabo Sefolosha

Atlanta gets:
Ben McLemore
Caron Butler

Close the book on Ben for a quick fix on defense, and hope that Sefolosha's 3PT % increases back to his OKC days.

A: Sure sounds like something the Kings would do.  Not sure why Butler's included though.


Can I Offer you some Hot Italian

Rudy Gay for Danillo Gallinari, Will Barton is playing good and his with his contract hes pretty much playing for free. Nuggets should scrimmage like women for ben simmons.

Gallinari has got the sack to make big shots and play in big games.

A: First off, not sure what scrimmage like women means.  Also I'm not sure Gallinari and Gay are all that different aside from Gallinari being younger and a better shooter from outside.


Butler for Jenkins

Small Trade. Butler to a Playoff Team he has a history with. Kings get a SG with a bit of upside.

Butler for Jenkins

A: I think if the Kings could get any player with any upside for Butler they would have traded him already.


Sac gets: D. Rose & T. Snell
Chi gets: Rondo & Gay

Why Sac does this: Money wise this is a perfect trade, Sac gets the type of PG it could never get in the FA market that has injury concerns. We get a scoring explosive guard who plays well of DMC. Snell is a solid piece.

Why Chi does this: They need to move away from Rose, this is Butler's team and that pairing isn't working. Rondo gives them veteran championship point guard who would resign with them. They upgrade to a better scoring 3, which they're going to need to KO Cleveland.

A: A potential one year rental of Derrick Rose for $21 million a year doesn't make much sense in my mind.  He also doesn't necessarily fit with Cousins since he's far more offensively minded than Rondo and plays just as much defense.  Not to mention the injury issues.


Clippers Trade

Rudy Gay and Belinelli for JJ Redick and Lance Stephenson. They need frontcourt help badly and we get our 3 and D players. Losing Reddick for them equalized by Doc getting rid of Stephenson.

A: I mean... yeah that could work.  Redick is probably the best player the Clippers would be willing to give up in a trade for Gay and getting rid of Stephenson and getting a potential Redick replacement in Belinelli is another reason for the Clippers to do it.  The Kings would be taking a risk in taking on Stephenson but Redick would be a huge upgrade at SG and if Stephenson can figure out how to get back to his Pacer ways, that might work out as well.  However it's adding yet another tough personality to an already complicated locker room.


Kings: Hibbert/McBuckets/Snell/Clarkson
Lakers: Rose 
Bulls: Gay/Young/DC

Kings: The Hibbert could be strange, but 15 million for 1 season, he comes off the books at the end of the season. Could be a decent backup to Boogie. I'm sure the Lakers would love to turn him into a star. Kings get Snell/McBuckets to replace Rudy. Snell could develop into that 3-D guy we've been looking for. McBuckets could be an upgrade for Marco. Clarkson could move to the SG with Rondo on the floor or back him up. If Rondo chooses to move on from the Kings after this season, at least Clarkson would take over next season (and I think Clarkson would thrive in Karls system).

Lakers: Looking for a star to take over for Kobe. Rose though hurt a lot, wouldn't hurt their chances THIS season at getting a high draft pick. But if the Lakers training staff could keep him healthy, Rose/Russell/Randle could be a nice core moving on from Kobe.

Bulls: Upgrade their wing scoring. Remove the Glut that they have, Also allows them to move on from Rose. With Rudy coming in, this gives the orginization a legitimate excuse to move on from Rose. The Chi-town fan base would go crazy if they traded away Rose. But with pairing DC/Butler/Gay/Gasol while adding bench scoring with Young, though a little crazy, could giving them the scoring punch they need to help the fans forget about Rose.

A:  If the Bulls are going to move Derrick Rose, I think they'd be seeking out a return of a promising guard themselves.  That's why I think they'd just as soon deal with the Lakers themselves and try to get Clarkson back.


DC and Ben for KJ McDaniels and Pat Bev


We do it because we need defense at the guard position. Pat Bev may be an overrated defender, but he is still a far better defender than any of our current guards. Also, KJ has just as much potential talent as Ben, AND already has great defense.

Rockets do it because they need a good PG, and they don't utilize KJ anyway.

A: Ehhhhh I could see something like this happening.  Beverley is not as good of a player as Darren in my opinion but he's a better defender.  As for McDaniels and Ben, that's a trade of potential for potential.  You think the Kings are the right place to develop McDaniels?  I'd rather have Ben.


Ben McLemore and Rudy Gay for Devin Booker, Markieff Morris and PJ Tucker.

Here's why the Suns do it: Morris is being paid 8 mil for the next 3 1/2 years and has become a malcontent ever since his twin brother was traded in a salary dump. Word is the Suns would love to part with him, and they have always had an interest in Rudy. PJ Tucker is a throw in, but is solid at the small forward spot and would give us depth in Rudy's departure. Ben McLemore is an amazing athlete and has moments where he looks like a star, so he is a nice young player that has the potential to blossom. Lastly, Phoenix has a weird owner that wants to win now while rebuilding, so they may go for a swap of Rudy and BMac for Booker.

Why we do it: Devin Booker is a stud. Here's really starting to shoot well here recently, and he could become a great young guard. Simply put: he is a shooting guard that can shoot from deep, and we would have a nice young Kentucky nucleus with Boogie, WCS and Devin. Plus, Ben and Rudy are set to become free agents after next year, so you get a little more control (but less long term cap space).

The numbers work. What do you think?

A: The Suns would be absolutely crazy to trade Devin Booker in any package not involving a superstar.  Booker's the youngest player in the NBA and already showing an extreme scoring and shooting ability.  If you want Booker, you'd better be willing to include Cousins (which incidentally is why the Suns would be one of the first teams I'd call if the Kings decided to trade Cousins).

2 trades.

The first is with the Suns

I believe Boogie is here to stay. I don't know that I believe that about any one else. If we were able to get Bledsoe for Gay, I think that'd be huge for our long term security, and you could totally run some great lineups with Casspi/Bledsoe/WCS/Cuz/Rondo

This one I'm not as in love with, because it just feels imbalanced, but I want feedback on it, sooo.... New Orleans could be cut out of it, but I figure that We'd need to do something with Kosta in this case.

A: The Suns closest thing to a real star is Eric Bledsoe (although Devin Booker is quickly becoming their most promising player) and while I wouldn't be surprised to see them shop Bledsoe, I think they'd be looking for another foundational piece in return and I don't think Rudy does that for them.


My two trade proposals to fix our SG hole

McLemore and Butler for Kyle Korver. Marco for Tony Allen.

Starters: Rondo, Korver, Gay, WCS, Boogie 
Bench: DC, Allen, Casspi, Koufos

A: I could totally see the Hawks shipping Korver to the Kings for that package.  How often do you get a 23 year old athletic freak on a rookie contract who is far from a finished product for a 34 year old shooter who has seen his best days already.  This is probably going to happen.  As for the Marco trade, sure why not. It gets us out of his contract at least.


Rudy and Marco for Blake

Don't know how DMC would react with a Clips trade but it would be splashy. Any who wouldn't love to see Rondo throwing Lobs every other play...

Your text to link here

A: If the Clippers are going to be trading Blake Griffin they're going to trade him for a huge package or another superstar.  Not Rudy Gay and Marco Belinelli.


Its seeming hard to find realistic yet decent trades

Im struggling to find any good 2 to 1 or 3 to 1's that don't drastically impact this season. One I found was Cameron Payne, Steve Novak's expiring and Waiters expiring for Rudy. Kings get a real promising young asset and player, along with an expiring in Novak but a slot shooter till seasons end and an experiment on what they can get out of Waiters with no cost if he just comes off the books. You clear almost half of Rudy's contract and get a real young talent in return, and a potential point if rondo leaves or potential two if he stays.

Thunder might be gun shy to shake the team up but Rudy could give them some interesting small ball lineups as he an Durant could takes shifts at the four among other things. Ultimately he might clog but its garnering talent for a window thats closing for the title, without sacrificing too much. Also assuming Durant picks up his option it gives them possible leverage in the free agent market to simply find some more shooters and or back up point or attract another name.

its a confusing one

A: Payne's a very promising rookie, Waiters is a young bench scorer, and Rudy plays the same position as their best player (who happens to be a top-3 player in the NBA).  Nothing confusing about this one, no deal here.


Not sure if this has been added somewhere

But I would honestly be okay with Gay for Aminu + Crabbe. It gives Portland a third scoring option and gives the Kings perimeter defense, a good 3 point shooter, and another option at SG

A: This isn't a terrible idea.  The Kings would likely get two starters out of this for one and Crabbe is up and coming.  However the last thing Portland seems to need is another ball dominant wing.  Between Lillard and McCollum, the Blazers have two extremely talented and young perimeter scorers.  I'm not sure what adding Rudy to the mix does for them.


Nothing wild and crazy


Chicago is able to shed the contract of Dunleavy and gets a younger version of him in Bellinelli who might be able to return to form in a new/old jersey. We swap young, high energy players in Acy for Snell. Snell is more suited for the perimeter, while Acy is better in the interior. In addition we get our pick back. We convince them to do so saying that Dunleavy has a back issue, and may not be a contributor for us.

Getting our pick back would be a huge boon for us in that it greatly increase our flexibility in trades. Snell is a solid defender on the perimeter, and a decent spot up shooter.

A: There is no way you can put Mike Dunleavy and DeMarcus Cousins on the same team.  I also don't think the Bulls would have any incentive to include a late lottery pick back to get Acy or Belinelli.


Morey or Lessy

i think Karl would like this and the Rockets as well

Gay, Collison, Ben, Belinelli for Ariza, Lawson and Brewer

A: That'd be a pretty big shakeup for both teams to be sure.  Ariza and Brewer would give the Kings some much needed defensive presence on the perimeter, and Lawson might do better in a different environment.  The Rockets get some more depth but I'm not sure Rudy fits their system better than Ariza would.  Still, a solid idea where I can see the benefit from both sides.


As always, thanks for submitting all your ideas.  If you ever have a question or topic you want discussed in a future mailbag, just e-mail us at