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NBA Trade Rumor: Kings are interested in Hawks guard Thabo Sefolosha

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

With just over 24 hours left before the NBA's trade deadline, the Sacramento Kings have yet to make a move.  We've heard a lot of talk about other teams interested in Sacramento's players (particularly Rudy Gay and Ben McLemore) but we haven't heard much about who the Kings might want.  We know from Vlade talking to the media that he would like to add some perimeter defense, which gives the following rumor about the Kings being interested in Atlanta Hawks guard Thabo Sefolosha some credence:

Sefolosha checks off a few needs for the Kings.  He's a quality shooting guard, a very good defender and he doesn't need the ball much on offense.  Sefolosha's currently under contract for one more year after this one at $3.85 million.

As for why the Hawks might be interested in moving Sefolosha, there have been steady rumors as of late that the Hawks might look to retool and get younger.  Moving the 31 year old Sefolosha for a young player like say, Ben McLemore, would probably be as good a return as they could expect.  It'd be a pretty short-sighted move for the Kings to make, but what's new.  I won't speculate too much further since we don't know any details or even if the teams have had any concrete talks, but it wouldn't be too surprising to see a guy like Sefolosha in a Kings uniform after Thursday.