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NBA Trade Rumors: Clippers interested in Rudy Gay

The Kings may be asking more than the Clippers are willing to give.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings and Los Angeles Clippers have had preliminary discussions regarding Rudy Gay, according to ESPN's Chris Broussard. This supports earlier reports from the Sacramento Bee's Jason Jones. According to Broussard, the Clippers are interested in Gay, but may not be willing to meet Sacramento's asking price.

I'm guessing the Clippers are offering Lance Stephenson, who hasn't fit in well with the Clippers and has never met the expectations many held for him as he left the Indiana Pacers. Meanwhile, I'm guessing the Kings are seeking a return involving JJ Redick, who the Clippers would be understandably resistant to give up.

The Kings are reported to be entertaining offers for Rudy, but certainly aren't desperate to move him. And it makes sense. Rudy is a good player, but hasn't been having his best season. He's on a good contract, but isn't such a value that he would be untouchable. And, if my assumptions are correct, the Kings are right to maintain a high price.

Stephenson is a player who had success in a specific role in the Pacer's system, and has now struggled to fit in with the Charlotte Hornets and the Clippers. But a return involving Redick would go a long way toward fixing the Kings' roster shortcomings. Redick is a great outside shooter, and is a solid defender.

I don't expect a deal to materialize here unless the Kings get desperate to make changes or the Clippers get desperate to add a player like Gay. What this rumor tells us more than anything else is that while the Kings may be interested in listening to offers, they really aren't giving up on Rudy by any means.