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The Sacramento Kings enter a brutal stretch of the schedule

The next 8 games are going to be rough.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings enter Wednesday's matchup on a three-game win streak, but the NBA schedule is a cruel mistress. The next eight games are going to present one of the toughest stretches of the season for the Kings. Sacramento, of course, has struggled at times against beatable opponents while playing well against tougher competition. Predicting the next eight games is a foolish endeavor. Luckily for you, I'm a fool.

2/24 - vs San Antonio Spurs

The second night of a back-to-back, with the Kings playing the previous night in Denver? Chalking this one up as a loss.

2/26 - vs Los Angeles Clippers

The Kings, especially Cousins, tend to get up for games against the Clippers. It's no cakewalk, but I think this is one of the more winnable games in this stretch.

2/29 - vs Oklahoma City Thunder

Yeah let's just assume this one is a loss. The Thunder probably won't have an answer for Cousins, but the Kings won't have an answer for Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook

3/2 - at Memphis Grizzlies

I'd feel more confident about this one if it was another home game. Even with the Grizzlies struggling, the Grindhouse is a tough place to play. I could see this one going either way.

3/3 - at Dallas Mavericks

Road back-to-backs are tough, but this one isn't the worst in terms of the travel involved. Still, a physical game against Memphis followed by Dallas is probably going to result in a loss.

3/5 - at San Antonio Spurs

Another loss, because come on, it's the Spurs.

3/7 - at New Orleans Pelicans

The Kings should be able to beat the Pelicans, but that hasn't meant much so far this season. It would be nice if we could be confident in Sacramento's ability to win a game like this one.

3/9 - vs Cleveland Cavaliers

Another likely loss, if for no other reason than because the chaos will probably be in full swing after the team rattles off a series of losses.

Optimistically, I'd still expect the Kings to win no more than three of these next eight games. An eight games losing streak isn't out of the question. Buckle up. The next two weeks are going to be bumpy.