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Kings' court design ranked 14th by Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated presented power rankings for all 30 NBA floor designs on Wednesday. Your Sacramento Kings and Sleep Train Arena came in 14th. Basically, the Kings don't have a bad floor, but they don't have a good floor. SI says:

Let's hope you enjoy purple, because you get plenty of it in Sacramento, where "Sacramento Proud" runs along the sideline apron. The best touch comes with the purple crowns, one inside each three-point arc.

Obviously Kings fans have no problem with all the purple, and I think the "Sacramento Proud" is a really great touch on the court. It's easy to see why the abundance of bright purple may not be appealing to outsiders, though.

This court design is a definite improvement over other court designs we've seen at Sleep Train. The terrible "Kings" font across midcourt was bland ugly. The tarnished metal logo never seemed to fit the rest of the court aesthetic. The current iteration is good, but it doesn't blow me away.

Of course, the Kings will presumably unveil a brand new court design next season in the new Golden 1 Center. I'm excited to see what the Kings come up with.