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KINGO!: A Look Inside America's Newest Sensation

What happens when you mix your favorite parlor game with your favorite basketball team? An inspiring journey which can only be described as a miracle.

Every once in a while a new craze rises from the ashes. Sactown Royalty became something of a trendsetter during last night's disastrous Sacramento Kings game. It all started with a visionary named Bradley Geiser. A young blogger from the outskirts of Sacramento with nothing but a vision and a computer. What happened next can only be described as magical.

KINGO! (a most clever juxtaposition of the words Kings and Bingo) was a simple idea. Take everybody's favorite parlor game and mix it with everybody's favorite basketball team just to see what happens. After countless minutes hours days of devising the perfect formula for this new game using a complicated algorithm of common events which occur during a typical Kings game, Geiser had his game. What happened next would prove to be a life altering experience, not just for him, but for Kings fans everywhere.

Before he knew it, Geiser's simple invention was a bona fide hit.

KINGO! was viral. Gangnam Style. Rebecca Black. Crying MJ. And now, KINGO! Cards started flying in by the tens, as this game caught on, but Mr. Geiser, ever the humble sort, failed to see what kind of genius masterpiece he had until a certain world renowned celebrity got involved with the internet's newest craze.

Bobby Jackson, former Sacramento King and current TV Analyst tweeted out this picture of him playing KINGO!, causing it to take on a life of its own. Sure, there were some controversies about Mr. Jackson's tactics, as pointed out by TV's Morgan Ragan, the Voice of the Sacramento Valley...

... but by now, the damage had been done. Despite the Kings losing what was yet another brutal loss, all that anyone could talk about was KINGO! Even the post game show of the Kings game was dedicated to America's new viral sensation.

No one knows where KINGO! will go from here. It may make another appearance, or it may fade off like dust in the wind. Mr. Geiser was not available for comment, but we were able to find one tweet he made via Sactown Royalty's own account that really sums it all up in such a perfectly delicate manner.