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NBA Trade Rumor: Miami Heat interested in Omri Casspi

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

According to his producer, Christopher Cochran, Miami Herald columnist Ethan Skolnick reported on his radio show today that the Miami Heat are targeting Omri Casspi in a deal that would net the Kings talented-but-currently-injured guard Tyler Johnson.

I feel compelled to mention that I didn't hear the audio for myself, so I cannot personally confirm that any of this happened, but it looks legitimate.

We had heard rumors that the Miami Heat were interested in Rudy Gay, and that they were trying to find a wing to add to their rotation, so moving from discussions over Gay to Casspi makes some sense from a 'this smells real' standpoint. The sides have been talking, if nothing else.

Tyler Johnson could miss the rest of the season with a torn rotator cuff in his left shoulder, but he is a good player, averaging 8.7 points, and 2.2 assists on on .488 shooting from the field, and .387 from three. He is someone I'd welcome if added to the Kings roster, but wouldn't seriously entertain swapping Casspi out to get him, especially with his health in question.  The Kings need help now, and Johnson won't be able to do that.