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I'm done defending the Kings

Until the Kings prove worthy of being defended, they no longer receive the benefit of the doubt.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Everybody has a breaking point, and mine came today. I'll remain a fan of the Kings, and will still pay attention to everything that happens. But after this week's public embarrassment, make that another public embarrassment, I'm done defending this organization.

I was listening to the latest episode of The Lowe Post, and Zach Lowe was discussing the state of the Kings with Sam Amick. Lowe was exploding at the dysfunction of the Kings, and instinctively I found myself thinking of the rationales to defend the team. But then a sudden realization hit me. My rationalizations were less rational than Lowe's arguments. I was grasping at straws. Everything he was saying was correct. My arguments relied on absolute faith in the Kings, but that faith has been unearned.

The Kings can earn it back. When they start to act like a competent organization. When ownership factions stop sniping at each other and negotiating through the media. When I don't have to spend every day wondering what the team is going to screw up next.

Until then, I'm done defending Vivek. I'm done defending Vlade. I'm done defending the team. The organization is a disaster. I don't know how they fix it, but I sure hope they do. We deserve better. Sacramento deserves to root for a good organization.