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Kings suspend DeMarcus Cousins one game after bench outburst

Kimani Okearah

You may have seen a video going around from last night's game that shows DeMarcus Cousins going off on Coach George Karl during a timeout.  Rudy Gay, Rajon Rondo and Corliss Williamson all tried at some point to calm Cousins down.  Here's the video in question:

This isn't the first time Cousins has acted this way, in particular early on in the season when he went off in the locker room after the team fell to 1-7.  No punishment came for Cousins then, but Vlade Divac is apparently shortening the leash as the team announced today that Cousins has been suspended one game for "conduct detrimental to the team".  No other clarification was given although Divac will be addressing the media later this afternoon.

Cousins' outburst reportedly revolved around the fact that Karl wasn't defending the team.  From Sean Cunningham:

Regardless of the reason, Cousins was out of line to act that way and I'm glad the team is coming down on him.  This behavior has to be addressed.  He also picked up his 15th technical foul of the season this year which means he will be suspended one game for each technical he gets from now on. Unfortunately, this is the 6th straight year we're dealing with similar issues when it comes to Cousins and at some point he's going to have to stop assigning blame to others and start looking at himself.

We will update this post with Vlade Divac's comments as soon as he addresses the media.  Stay tuned.


Vlade's press conference was pretty short.  I will link to the audio whenever KHTK or another news organization uploads it.  To paraphrase Vlade, he confirmed the suspension was in regards to the bench incident with Coach Karl and he also mentioned that he sent Cousins home from practice to "think about last night".  Vlade wasn't particularly forceful in his message but did say that he wanted to send a message that that behavior was not acceptable and wouldn't be tolerated.