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DeMarcus Cousins needs to stop talking

This isn't his fault, but he's making it worse.

Elsa/Getty Images

I love DeMarcus Cousins. I love his passion. I love the way he can dominate games. I love the under-appreciated nuances of his game. I love how much he hates losing. I love that he has endured hell in Sacramento, but remains insistent upon succeeding in Sacramento. I love DeMarcus Cousins.

But he needs to shut up.

He needs to stop whining to refs. He needs to stop going on tirades against Karl mid-game. And he especially needs to stop taking thinly-veiled shots at Karl and the team via social media.

DeMarcus Cousins has suffered through situations beyond his control for his entire NBA career. This season isn't his fault. This season has imploded despite Cousins playing his heart out. But while this isn't his fault, he's certainly not making anything better.

Suffer with silent dignity, dear Boogie. And hope for better days ahead. Nothing has ever been fixed by a meme.