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Kings vs. Bulls Preview: Kings look to take the win out of 'The Windy City'

Kimani Okearah
After a sloppy win against the New York Knicks on Sunday night, the Sacramento Kings have no time for contemplation as they find themselves in the Chicago for a game against the Bulls. With the Bulls in a virtual tie for the eighth seed and staring down the possibility at not making the playoffs, it's all hands on deck. For the Kings? Well, it's thirteen games to go before the summer starts. Here's to hoping that it's 'Bodyguard Appreciate Night" at the United Center!  Tonight's game will be on CSN-CA, can be heard on KHTK 1140 and begins at 5 pm PST.

Let's talk Kings basketball!

Chicago Bulls by the Numbers:

As with every team that the Kings have faced on this disappointing road trip, the Chicago Bulls are a team that very much embody a beatable team for the Sacramento Kings. Though winners of five of their last eight games, the Bulls have shown all season an inconsistency that can be taken advantage of by any team willing to put forth the effort. Sounds like Sacramento right? The Bulls are currently sitting at35-33, the eighth seed and in a virtual tie with the Detroit Pistons. They need W's if they want to hang onto their playoff standing, and right now, the Kings look like a much needed winnable game.

This season the Bulls have had pretty average to below average offensive output. At 101.6 points per game, they come in at 20th in the NBA. They are 12th in pace, but are only 24th in offensive rating. The Bulls are currently 7th in the league in field goals attempted, but 24 in percentage. They're 24th in 3 point attempts but are 4th in terms of percentage. They're second in the league in two pointer's taken, but second to last in terms of two point field goal percentage. As you can tell, it's a bit topsy-turvy with Chicago. They're also 3rd in the league in rebounds, 12th in assists, and 13th in turnovers.

On the defensive side of the ball, Chicago holds their opponents just shy of 103 points per game, 14th in the NBA in that category. They hold their opponents to the 4th lowest field goal percentage at 43.7% and the 6th lowest three point percentage at 33.4% and while they give up the league's highest amount of two point shots, they're second in the league in opponent's shooting from inside the arc at 47.1% a game. They're 9th in the league in shot blocking, 5th in the league in player fouls, but a dismal 29th in steals.

For the Sacramento Kings to have a chance in this game, they have to hit the two point shots that Chicago will give them, and will have to make sure they control the boards. If DeMarcus plays his strong man game in the post and can get the Chicago big men in trouble, it could go a long ways towards making this a winnable game. Let's hope the messy win in New York is a small reminder that they have winnable games left on their schedule if they can just find a way to get it done.

Odds and Ends:
-This game sees the return of former Sacramento Kings point guard, Aaron Brooks. Brooks played in 46 games for the Kings during the 2012-2013 season and averaged just over seven points a game.
-I challenge you to find a more Jerry-esque nickname for a player in the NBA than Chicago small forward, Doug McDermott's  "Dougie McBuckets". If the world is never blessed with that name coming from Jerry Reynold's mouth, then the world should have never been at all.
-The Chicago Bulls are #1 in the NBA in fan attendance this season. For reference, the Kings are 20th.

Prediction: The Kings run into a team that has something to play for, and it dawns on them that they really winning, regardless of the stakes. Kings win; 115 - 107.

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