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DeMarcus Cousins pushes NYK security guard while arguing with the officials

C'mon Boogie!

In a strange sequence last night, DeMarcus Cousins pushed away a New York Knicks security guard who seemed to be trying to escort him off the court.

DeMarcus Cousins shoves a Knicks security guard.

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After the game, DeMarcus had this to say about the incident (via NY Daily News):

"Actually I think he was trying to remove me from talking to the refs, so he kind of put his hand on my back and tried to move me forward. So I don't think it was that big of an issue, honestly."

It's just another head-scratcher in the midst of one long head-scratcher of a season. Why would the security guard step in between a player and a ref? And why did Boogie seemingly stare him down for a second afterwards? Or did the security guard just accidentally run into him and Boogie over-reacted?