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Kings vs Wizards Preview: The Tank has officially rolled into Sacramento!

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to tank season, everyone! After hearing rumblings off in the background for at least the last month, the Sacramento Kings fully embraced their lot in life on Monday night by resting their "Big Three" in a second night of a back-to-back against the Trail Blazers in Portland. I'm certain that we will all be fine and brush over the fact that the preview for Monday night's game mentioned a possible three game win streak, and sure, the prediction for the game in that particular preview did lightheartedly imply that DeMarcus would destroy Portland for almost being named Boston, with neither of those things coming anywhere remotely close to happening due to the first surprise tank showing this season. I'm certain that no one was brokenhearted over the move; not even a low, lonely preview writer who was sure of every pro-Kings syllable he wrote, or the weary editor who has had to put up with his rookie writer's junk all season long. I am absolutely certain everyone was happy and expected the move and none of the other rookie SBNation game preview writers put mean notes in any lockers back at headquarters.

Now that we are all on the same page with where the Kings have placed their priority for the season, the Sacramento Kings have a game against the Washington Wizards on Wednesday night at Sleep Train Arena. The Wizards come into the match-up the 10th seed, and three games out of the playoffs with nine left to play. A loss to the Kings, whole squad or not, would be a major signal to Washington that it is just not in the cards this season. The game can be seen at Sleep Train Arena or on CSN-CA, can be heard by KHTK 1140 and begins at 7 pm PST. Let's talk Kings basketball.

A Few Reasons to Watch:

As the days get longer, the nights get warmer and the Kings get, well, tanky-er, a fan's interest in the rest of this 2015-2016 campaign may start to wane, and rightfully so. For those who are on the fence about watching a Kings game for the rest of the season, we're gonna try to find a couple of reasons every game night as to why watching this Kings' game may hold more value than say, taking your significant other on a date; heavy emphasis placed on the word "try" here. So, without further ado:

1) More tanking = More Primetime Cauley-Stein: If there is anything good to come out of the Sacramento Kings finally giving up the ghost, it is that the fans have finally been able to see extended minutes for rookie center Willie Cauley-Stein. Remember all of the frustration from earlier in the season when watching a game meant wondering what Willie had done to deserve George Karl's wrath? Well, now that frustration can be lifted, and replaced with frustration over how much potential Willie has shown in his first stint of real consistent minutes this season.

2) Ditto for Seth Curry: The same exact paragraph could be written for Seth Curry. Though limited as a player already, playing under a coach that has no qualms in airing his lack of belief in your talents as a player has to be disheartening. Seth has shown flashes of being a real contributor for an NBA team lately, and watching him for the rest of this season can do nothing but bring hope for his next season's contributions.

3) John Wall is Amazing: If rooting for potential isn't really the thing to get behind, John Wall is a show all to himself. A unique blend of speed, ball handling and creative finishes, the kid is a flat out baller in every sense of the word, and would be worth the price of admission all by himself. 21st in the league in scoring and 3rd in assists, John Wall should be coming into Wednesday night's game against the Kings hungry for a win against former Kentucky teammate, DeMarcus Cousins. This game is as do-or-die as it comes for the Wizards, and as John Wall goes, so go they.

Odds and Ends:

This game sees the return of four former Sacramento Kings players: Ramon Sessions, Marcus Thorton, Drew Gooden and JJ Hickson. Only one of those players left Sacramento with anything resembling a reputation, and Lil Buckets will always have a soft spot in my heart for the way he could light up in clutch moments for a couple of those seasons with the Kings.

Prediction: The Kings may, or may not rest players. The players that do suit up, may or may not play well. The preview writer may or may not be hedging his bets a bit too much based on the distant sounds of tank treads. Kings win; 112-107.

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