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Amick: Kings Interviewed Former Nets Assistant GM Bobby Marks

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

NBA insider for USA Today Sam Amick reported late last night that former Brooklyn Nets assistant GM and current front office insider for Yahoo! Sports’ The Vertical, Bobby Marks, was in Sacramento yesterday interviewing for a front office position.

The Sacramento Kings have been interested in adding Marks to their front office since July, as reports surfaced throughout summer league that Marks had interviewed with the Kings brass in Vegas. Sportando even reported that a second interview was coming for Marks in Sacramento, but ESPN’s Marc Stein shot down that report.

The history here is sort of murky, but the Kings like Marks, and the feeling appears mutual.

Marks has been able to flex his salary cap and CBA muscles on Twitter and at The Vertical since his tenure with the Nets ended, and he certainly fits the bill as a guy who could work well with Vlade Divac and Mike Bratz on that side of things.

If I’m to speculate, this feels like a move geared towards keeping Vlade Divac around in some sort of decision maker position long-term. This isn’t to say Marks can’t scout, doesn’t scout, or won’t scout, but his background is in the salary cap and CBA – precisely the kind of experience Vlade Divac and the Kings’ front office lacks.

It also seems odd to me that the Kings would interview Marks for a of ‘life after Vlade’ position with the season ongoing, and Divac still here. The idea that you would hire or interview a front office guy like Marks mid-season if the current regime was being overhauled in the offseason anyway is kind of ludicrous until you remember that this is exactly what the Kings did last year with Vlade Divac and Pete D'Alessandro, but I don't think that is what's happening here. A Vlade Divac, Bobby Marks, Mike Bratz, Peja Stojakovic front office with another smart, quasi front office, quasi assistant coach type in Roland Beech involved has a lot of potential.