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Vlade Divac expects coaching search to be a long process

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Vlade Divac wants a long-term solution for the head coach of the Sacramento Kings. Specifically, he wants someone for "more than one year."

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The Sacramento Kings fired George Karl on Thursday, setting the scene for yet another summer of uncertainty and speculation as the coaching carousel continues.

Kings vice president of basketball operations and general manager Vlade Divac met with the Sacramento media Thursday afternoon to discuss the decision and next steps. Divac said he plans to consult with former Kings head coach Rick Adelman about the impending coaching decision and made it clear that he is the one who fired Karl and he will be the one to hire a new coach.

Here's more.

On the decision to fire Karl:

"George did great job this year, but was a part was disconnected with the way we want to play and the players so I made the decision to let him go."

"We talked this morning and, obviously, we talked the past couple of weeks about it so it's nothing shocking, new for me or him. But we talked about it this morning and I explained why we are doing this and I wish him good luck."

"I respect George a lot, I think he's a great coach and he did a lot of good stuff here."

On what he will be looking for in a new head coach:

"Everything; experience, we need openness, we need a coach who can be on the same page with the front office and the players, and make sure that we are doing the same thing."

"I want to make sure that we bring somebody who is going to be here more than one year."

"I think it would be, yeah, definitely a long process. It's a very important decision for us and we have to take time and talk to as much people as we can and find the best person."

On whether he will be able to lure big name coaches to Sacramento:

"Well, we'll see, I'm starting today so let's talk next week and I'll let you know."

"We have a lot of talent on our team, we have best fans in the league, we have a beautiful arena, probably the best in the world. So things are going to be different here."

"There's only 30 jobs, so we'll see."

On hiring another executive in the front office to work with him:

"I'm the GM and I'm trying to improve our team in the front office, on the court and, obviously, now in the coaching situation. So I am glad that I am in this situation to kind of start fresh."

"I've been talking to a lot of people in the past couple of months for improving front office so down the road if I feel comfortable with somebody, maybe it happens before [a coach is hired], maybe after. I don't know, I'm just not going to rush with the front office. Somebody has to be the type I would feel very comfortable with."


Divac did not want to discuss any summer decisions on the roster, including DeMarcus Cousins, because he is "focused to find a new coach."

Divac did, however, discuss Cousins with USA Today's Sam Amick in his latest piece. Make sure you check it out.