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Kings vs. Nuggets Preview: Kings looking for rare season sweep of Nuggets

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Kimani Okearah

Hey, was there like, a robot invasion yesterday? I heard from a friend that... yeah, that happened? Mind if we all just skip it and try to talk about the Kings instead? Alright cool! So, after a home loss at the hands of the Miami Heat, the Sacramento Kings will now look to face a Denver Nuggets squad that has yet to best the Kings this year. Friday night's game will be Denver's final opportunity this season to take out the team that fired now head coach of the Nuggets, Mike Malone, and so competitive spirits should be running higher than normal for two teams well out of the playoff hunt. Friday night's affair also sees the return of StR Night! Come on down to O'Malley's in Old Town, have a beer and some Irish tacos and watch the game with the all the people you hate that you love... wait, no, Greg won't be there, so, watch the game with the people you love to love! The game starts at 6pm PST, can be seen on CSN-CA and heard on KHTK 1140. Let's talk Kings basketball.

A Couple of Reasons to Watch:

-The Nuggets and Kings get up to play one another: This point above all others remains the reason to watch. Each of the previous two match-ups between these teams has seen elevated tension; chippy fouls coming from both sides, technical fouls galore and best of all, tight basketball leading to a Sacramento Kings victory.

-DeMarcus Cousins will put on a show: This very much ties into the previous point, but it also is significant enough to deserve its very own mention. Boogie has wrecked the Denver Nuggets this year. He's averaging 38 points and 14.5 rebounds a game this season against Denver, and even had some convenient but mandatory rest assigned to him by NBA league offices before Thursday's game against Miami.  Of course, the Kings might just give him some optional rest anyway and this point will be nullified. Who knows.

-Your favorite preview writer might be standing next to you, wanting to buy you a drink: No, not Akis. Yeah, I know he does them when the other guy is deathly ill or a cheap laptop bricks itself. No, Tony is post game stuff. No, Ziller has already transcended into another realm of NBA consciousness! Nevermind!

Odds and Ends:

This game is the third and final time the Kings fans can see Mike Malone in his first season with his new team. Try not to hum "What Might Have Been" by Little Texas every single time you see Mike tomorrow night, I dare you.

At the request of an StR user earlier this year, the following facts are now presented:

-Denver's altitude ranges from 5130 to 5690 feet above sea level, depending on where in the city you are.

-No oxygen tanks will be provided, unless there is a medical emergency.

-Caron Butler update: He's still alive.

Prediction: The Kings triumph yet again and sweep Mike Malone in his first season and in the process, finally shun him and our collective love for one another forever: Kings 112, Denver 110.

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