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New Sacramento Kings Logos Leaked

Thanks to international trademark filings, we get a sneak peak at the Kings' new look.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings are updating their logo this offseason, as has been reported previously. Now, thanks to and international trademark filings, we get to see what the team has in store. Before you react, keep in mind that trademark filings are done in black-and-white. We don't know the specific color scheme yet, but we'll assume there's still purple involved.

Via, this appears to be the new primary logo.

It's a throwback to Kings logos of the past, but with an updated font. It's much cleaner than the current logo, and a nice nod to the franchise's history. We also get to see some additional logos.

Personally, I love these. I think they're a major improvement to the logo set. Of course, we'll reserve final judgement until we see the final versions in full color, but at the very least the Kings managed to avoid a situation like the Los Angeles Clippers rebrand.

But what do you think? Good? Bad? Waiting to see more? Vote in the poll and explain in the comments.