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Kings targeting 'next week' for head coaching hire, Kevin McHale 'front runner'

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Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Bee’s Jason Jones reported earlier this morning that the Sacramento Kings would like to have their new head coach in place by next week. Considering the fact that they’ve only interviewed a handful of the reported candidate list that is nearly 40-deep at this point, that seems like an unrealistic goal.

Jones also reported that the Kings have only conducted three formal interviews thus far, including the likes of Sam Mitchell, Vinny Del Negro, and Mike Woodson. It’s possible the ‘next week’ report has something to do with one of those guys impressing Divac enough to the point where he knows what he wants to do, but still feels the need to conduct the other interviews he already has scheduled. Due diligence, etc.

Prior to Jones’ reported ‘next week’ timetable, Elston Turner, Henry Bibby, and Corliss Williamson have been added to the Kings’ candidate list, or they have really aggressive agents, one or the other, but those hats are in the ring.

On a slightly more optimistic note, James Ham reported yesterday that Kevin McHale is "thought by many to be the front runner for the position".

I’ve been a pretty steady McHale supporter throughout this process, and would be pleasantly content with this hire considering some of the other candidates Vlade Divac has already talked to. Of course, no formal interview has been conducted or scheduled (as far as we know) with Kevin McHale, so, who knows?

On somewhat-related note, multiple NBA folks have reported that David Morway will not be joining the Kings’ front office despite last-months reports that it was just a matter of time before Morway joined the crew.

I’ve tried to make sense of why it’s taken the Kings nearly a year to get Vlade Divac some experienced front office help, but I’m at a loss right now.

I’m not even disappointed that Morway isn’t the guy. Morway seemed like a relatively safe, average hire, so it’s not that. I’m more concerned about the Kings’ inability to get these guys (first Bobby Marks, now, David Morway) to sign in Sacramento. It’s not great.

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