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Poll: Grade the Kings on their 2015-16 season

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Kimani Okearah

As part of our season retrospective, we at Sactown Royalty will be assigning grades to the Sacramento Kings in a roundtable discussion in the near future.  This is something we have done in the past but there's always someone who disagrees.  That's why this year I wanted to include your votes as part of the grading to hopefully achieve more of a balanced assessment.

Grades will be assigned by us on the following scale:

A - Excels

B - Above Expectations

C - Meets Expectations

D - Below Expectations

F - Fail

Feel free to use the same scale or your own when assigning grades.  There are no - or + for grades but the average will take care of that.  The form to respond is embedded below but in case anyone can't see it, here's the link instead.  Feel free to add clarity on your grades in the comments below.