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Cousins talks more about his frustrating season with Carmichael Dave

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Kimani Okearah

Part 2 of DeMarcus Cousins' interview with Carmichael Dave aired this morning on The Drive with Dave, Kayte, and Nate, and much like yesterday, I figured there was enough noteworthy stuff in here from a guy that rarely talks to the media that it was worth recapping.

First and foremost, you can find the full archive here. Parts 1 and 2 aired yesterday, which we already talked about, and parts 3 and 4 aired today.

Today's segment started with Cousins and Dave discussing Cousins' charity work and general 'good behavior' off the court. If you pay close attention to the Kings, you've heard this before, but it's relevant, and it's part of the Cousins narrative that often gets pushed to the side.

On what he wants to work on this summer, Cousins mentioned the laundry list of things every athlete says when asked this question. Dave followed up with a good question about what is harder to train, physical stuff (shots, defense, etc.) or mental stuff (losing, discipline, frustration, etc) and Cousins told him the mental part, because it's tough to handle working so hard and yet continuing to fail.

They talked a lot about different coaches DeMarcus Cousins has had, which ones he liked, learned from, etc. There was a some good John Calipari and Michael Malone stuff in there.

Cousins said this was 'by far' the most frustrating season of his career because they had higher expectations.

The thing that has Cousins most excited about the new arena is hot showers.

They played some word association, and when asked about Rajon Rondo, DeMarcus Cousins replied with 'my point guard'. This is another topic for another post, but DeMarcus Cousins wants Rajon Rondo back, and I think Rondo is going to be a fascinating name to watch in free agency.

They talked about Cousins' emoji game.

He called Vlade Divac a smooth operator, and then followed up with 'he's a good guy', which I thought was noteworthy because I'm always trying to get a read on the relationships between everyone in this organization, and it sounds like Vlade and Cousins are still on good terms.

I have no idea why Dave asked DeMarcus Cousins what job he would hate to have for all eternity, but Cousins answered with "Probably work next to Ailene or something. If I had to look at her every day... her and like, Andy". Listening to Dave cackle in the background, and even try to change the subject before Cousins threw Andy's name in there was laugh-out-loud hilarious radio.

Cousins was obviously joking, to a point - I don't think that would actually be his eternal hell job, but hey, that relationship isn't good, they both take shots at each other, it is what it is.

You can (and some will) hammer Cousins for taking a shot at Ailene and Andy, but we're talking about someone (in Voisin's case, at least) that repeatedly called out his conditioning despite the fact that Cousins had been dealing with foot issues all year, among other remarks I'm sure Cousins would disagree with.

I don't condone his behavior, but I laughed. A lot.