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Kings vs. Timberwolves Preview: Kings look to avoid sweep in second to last game at Sleep Train

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As the regular season winds down to the last couple weeks, the Sacramento Kings now have only two games left in Sleep Train Arena. Hundreds of games played, and now a grand total of two are left for fans to attend and enjoy before the Golden 1 Center opens this fall in the heart of Sacramento's downtown area. So who's up next for the Kings to feast on? What team dare step foot into Sacramento in this, the holiest of weeks for local basketball fans? The third worst team in the West,  26-win Minnesota Timberwolves? Oh this game should be a cake wal- wait. They're a win on Thursday night away from a sweep or the season series against Sacramento? They're coming off an overtime win against the Golden State Warriors?? OH COME ON!

Thursday night's game will begin at 7pm PST and can be seen at Sleep Train Arena or on CSN-CA, or can be heard on KHTK 1140. Let's talk Kings basketball!

A Few Reasons to Watch:

Back-to-Back Rookies of the Year: Barring the revelation that Karl Anthony-Towns is really a 28 year old extraterrestrial from Krypton, the Rookie of the Year is wrapped up nice and neat for the center in Minnesota. He's a beast in the making, and looking more and more like a generational talent with each passing day. Andrew Wiggins has seemingly snapped out of his trance and is once again looking like someone who could live up to the Maple Jordan moniker. Getting a glimpse at a team that is in the of rebuilding after trading disgruntled talent and landing themselves some draft luck is both frustration as hell, and oddly inspiring at the same time. How many fans would trade the 2015-2016 Sacramento Kings roster for the 2015-2016 Minnesota Timberwolves roster? How many fans have think the Sacramento Kings roster will be better than the Minnesota Timberwolves roster 5 years from now?

The second to last home game, and possibly last win ever at Sleep Train: With the final game at Sleep Train taking place on Saturday against the 3rd seed Oklahoma City Thunder, this Thursday's match-up against the  Timberwolves is the best opportunity to see a final win in the stadium's history. Is there a chance that OKC rests their star players with their seed and playoff berth wrapped up? Sure. But, if you're looking for a game that should be close and could be a piece of history, Thursday night's game is probably the one to look to.

Odds and Ends:

This game sees the son of former Sacramento Kings Head Coach Rick Adelman come to town. David Adelman, who has been an assistant in Minnesota since 2011, is one of two sons of former NBA head coaches on the Wolves bench; the other being Ryan Saunders, son of former Wolves' coach Flip Saunders.

Prediction: The Sacramento Kings blowout the Timberwolves behind Willie Cauley-Stein's 89 points, 45 rebounds and 4 assists. In an unprecedented move, Willie is awarded the Rookie of the Year trophy at the end of the game, but George Karl breaks it into 14 pieces and gives each shard to everyone of his teammates while reminding fans that really, it was Willie's teammates who did all the hard work. Kings 117, Timberwolves 111.

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