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The NBA Draft Lottery is the stupidest thing I look forward to every year

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The annual day of disappointment otherwise known as the NBA Draft Lottery is here today, and somehow, no matter the fact that the Kings have never moved up in the lottery in this current system, I still manage to get a little excited.  After all, one lucky bounce of the ping pong balls could change this franchise's hopes forever.

A lot is made of how tough it is to build a team, how much skill it takes, and that's all true;  But it also takes luck, and the lottery is the epitome of that.  Would the Cavs have been able to welcome back LeBron James if they hadn't won the lottery three out of four years?  Would the Clippers have ever been able to become a contender if they hadn't won the lottery and gotten Blake Griffin?  Would Sam Hinkie have been fired if he had managed to snag Karl-Anthony Towns or Andrew Wiggins?

Of course, the Kings can't actually win the lottery this year thanks to their trade last summer but they can still jump up, which for the Kings would still be a monumental victory.  The odds say the Kings will stay put, and Kings fans have basically accepted that as a victory in recent years because at least it's not dropping, but dammit, until it happens I say we have some hope that things will finally go our way.  We're due for a damn break.  As a wise space pirate once said, "Don't tell me the odds".

The Lottery is at 5:00 PM on ESPN before Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals.  Willie Cauley-Stein will be representing us.  Bring it home, Trill.