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James Anderson inexplicably opts out of his player option

Kimani Okearah

Seth Curry, Quincy Acy and Caron Butler... I understand all of those guys' reasons for opting out of their player options for next season. But James Anderson?  I thought Anderson was an absolute lock to opt in.  He was set to make $1.1 million next season, or in other words, $1.1 million more than any other NBA team was willing to pay him.

Yet opting out is exactly what Anderson is doing according to Eric Pincus of Basketball Insiders.  Anderson joins Curry and Acy as Kings players who have decided to test Free Agency.  Caron Butler has yet to make his decision on his own player option but the smart money would be on him opting out as well, especially if a guy like Anderson is doing so.

Anderson's decision is good news for the Kings, as they almost certainly would rather have the extra $1.1 million in cap space than Anderson himself.  Anderson had a terrible year in a Sacramento uniform, averaging 3.5 points on 37.6% from the field and 26.7% from three in about 14 minutes a game.  He was used ostensibly for defensive purposes by George Karl but statistically made little difference on that end either and was a huge negative on the offensive end.

Anderson opting out brings to mind questions like "How bad does the Kings locker room have to be for James Anderson to say it's not worth another year" or "I wonder how long into the summer James Anderson's agent will remain unfired".

This is all coming off a little harsh towards Anderson, who by all accounts was a good teammate and hard worker, but this decision doesn't seem to make much sense on paper.  Perhaps he can recoup that amount playing in Europe or China, and if so, good for him.  But I very much doubt he'll get another offer in the NBA, and if he does, I'll be very surprised.