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The Kings need to bring in Frank Vogel for an interview

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

There was some big news in the NBA's coaching world today as Larry Bird dropped the bombshell announcement this morning that the Pacers would not be bringing back coach Frank Vogel now that his contract has expired.  Vogel coached the Pacers for 5 and a half seasons, taking them to the Playoffs in each year except for last year when star Paul George was out for most of the year following a leg injury sustained during a Team USA scrimmage.

Under Vogel, the Pacers became a defensive juggernaut.  They led the league in defensive rating in two of the 6 years that Vogel coached and never finished worse than 7th in a full season.  Offensively, those Pacers teams were a bit more of a mess and that's the main reason that Bird cited for letting Vogel go.

When the Kings began this coaching search, I don't think anybody expected Frank Vogel to be available before the Kings decided to pick their new coach, but now he is.  He instantly has to become a top candidate for the job, especially considering some of the other names the Kings are bringing in.

Speaking of other names the Kings are considering, Kevin McHale has apparently dropped out of the race voluntarily.  That's no surprise, as there have been rumors that he doesn't particularly like California and also doesn't need to rush back into coaching with the Rockets still owing him a ton of money over the next few years.  Some speculated that McHale might have withdrawn so he could partner up with his former teammate Larry Bird in Indiana, but Bird quickly dismissed that notion.

If the Kings do want Vogel, they'll face some stiff competition.  Houston is a more immediately compelling job, and Vogel also has ties to Phil Jackson in New York.  That's why I hope the Kings can bring Vogel in soon and at least get a chance to convince him otherwise.