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Got Kings questions? Send them to us!

John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

We haven't done a mailbag in a while and while the focus on the team as of late has been with the coaching search, I'm sure there are plenty of other questions you guys want answered such as:

1. Should the Kings re-sign Rajon Rondo?

2. Why is James Anderson?

3. What's up with the Dorne plotline in Game of Thrones?

and many more.

Feel free to leave a comment with a question you potentially want answered in an upcoming mailbag, or if you simply want to shoot me an e-mail, send one over to  The questions don't necessarily have to be Kings related; For example if you have a question about StR itself, or even a suggestion on something you'd like to see us do, I'd be happy to answer those to the best of my ability as well.

Next week we'll run our report card series, revealing the results of the grades you guys handed out last week. Spoiler Alert: The Kings' parents will likely need to sign off on this report card.  I'm also working on a longer term project to help out with moderation for the site, but I will need volunteers for that, so if you're interested in joining the StR moderation team, shoot me an e-mail.

Cheers, and have a great weekend guys!