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Kings will meet with Dave Joerger today

Things are progressing fast for the former Memphis Grizzlies coach to take over in Sacramento

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After yesterday's bombshell that Dave Joerger was out in Memphis, it didn't take long for the mutual interest between the 42 year-old and the Sacramento Kings to surface. Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Kings had made Joerger priority #1, and Sam Amick made the connection between Elston Turner's interview for the Kings' associate head coach position and Joerger's candidacy.

Things moved fast yesterday. It seemed like the ink was barely dry on Joerger's pink slip before he would already be announced as the next Kings head coach.

The story did slow down, however, as the parties seemed to decide to arrange a face-to-face meeting before rushing into anything.

That meeting will happen today. Ailene Voison is reporting that Vlade is sticking to his methodical plan...

...but there is a metric ton of smoke implying that the meeting is just a formality at this point and it would take something drastic to derail this train.

And, from Aaron Bruski's report:

The Sacramento Kings’ coaching search is coming to an end soon. Barring an extremely unforeseen change of direction, sources tell Hoop Ball that former Memphis Grizzlies coach Dave Joerger will be their next head coach — though the Kings currently intend to meet with other finalists this week. Still, sources call the decision to hire Joerger a ‘formality.’

In the topsy-turvy world of NBA coaching hunts one doesn’t have too look far in history to see last-second changes. But it appears that the Kings will indeed be getting an up-and-coming coach with a lot of supporters around the league.

A 3 year, $12 million deal the same per-year rate as the deal the Kings gave to George Karl in 2015, but Karl's contract was for four years (with a buyout provision on the final year). That would be a steal compared to what other coaches in the NBA got this offseason.

At any price, landing Joerger as a coach would be an incredible stroke of luck for a franchise whose reputation is as trashed as it is. You could legitimately put Joerger up there in a debate about who was the best coach hired this offseason, even among top names like Tom Thibodeau, Scott Brooks, and Frank Vogel (assuming he's hired again).  And he's a more proven commodity than rising assistants like Luke Walton or Ettore Messina.

Nothing is guaranteed in the NBA, but picking up Joerger means locking in a coach that is proven, well-respected, and still very young. Its hard to imagine a coaching search with a more successful ending for the Kings.