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DeMarcus Cousins Has Made The 2016 Rio Olympics USA Roster

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Undefeated’s Marc Spears reported earlier this afternoon that Sacramento Kings All-Star center DeMarcus Cousins has been told that he will be on USA Basketball’s 2016 Rio Olympics team.

Considering DeMarcus Cousins' up-and-down, occasionally contentious relationship with USA basketball, having this information surface this early in the process without a drawn out 'will he, won't he' narrative is certainly a good thing. Cousins has mentioned how much representing Team USA in the Olympics would mean to him on countless occasions, and on that level, knowing how much this means to him, I couldn't be happier for Boogie.

From the Sacramento Kings' perspective, provided DeMarcus Cousins stays healthy throughout the Olympics, Zika Virus included, this could be another good learning experience for the Kings' best player heading into a very important, arena opening, playoffs-or-bust type season.

It's fair to worry about Cousins' health to an extent as he'll be playing for Team USA coming off of shockwave treatment and Platelet Rich Therapy for foot tendinitis that bothered him for most of last season. Big men plus foot problems usually equals bad news when not addressed properly. I'm assuming all of this has been considered and cleared, etc, but it's something worth noting, and something to keep an eye on in Rio.