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Sactown Royalty Draft Extravaganza 2016

Will you be Dunn with the Kings when draft night is over? Or will you be fully Hield? Will you go on a Bender, or will you just be Furkan angry? If Ulis your picks today, you might be crowned winner come draft night. We'll be Brandon you a coward if you don't play, so don't be afraid - Wade right in! (Introduction inspired by djrick)

Elsa/Getty Images

Welcome to the Sactown Royalty Draft Contest v.2016(3.0), where bragging rights are earned through deft analysis, razor-sharp projections, but mostly (if not entirely) blind-arse luck. Join us for what continues to be, unfortunately, an annual rite of summer around these parts.

This year's contest will be judged in the following manner:

  • List the first 14 picks of the draft
  • Trades will have no impact, as it will be the actual order of the first 14 players selected
  • You receive one point for each correct selection, and the most points attained is the winner
  • First tie breaker will be correctly choosing the #8 pick (regardless of whether or not the Kings keep it)
  • Second tie breaker is who gets the farthest into the draft before missing a pick
  • Third tie breaker is who got their picks submitted first
  • No matter how well you do, you will never (ever!!!) surpass elfboy's incredible forecasting of Fredette, Honeycutt &Thomas

One submission per member, and once your picks have been submitted they may not be changed. Deadline for submittal of picks is Wednesday, June 22, 2016, noon Pacific.

We had sixty participants a year ago, and here are some of the highlights:

  • "1951" proved to be the premiere prognosticator with seven correct picks. All hail the defending champ!
  • The Chad Ford Award was bestowed upon "bigfudge", who went oh for fourteen.
  • "the_boy_wonder22" had the longest consecutive pick streak with the first four picks.
  • Twenty one out of sixty (35%) got the Kings pick right.

So step right up and show your draft acumen. Amaze your fellow StR brethren with your visionary talents, and become the "I told you so" guy or girl that the rest of us will come to despise over the following weeks and months, until such time that you are finally deemed a troll and banished forever. What do you have to lose?!?