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Sacramento Kings do not renew contract of Reno Bighorns coach David Arseneault Jr.

The Kings are not renewing Arsenault's contract, potentially indicating a larger philosophical shift.

The Sacramento Kings decided not to renew the contract of Reno Bighorns head coach David Arseneault Jr., per Chris Reichart of Upside Motor and later confirmed by James Ham. Arseneault had been the coach of the Bighorns, with whom the Kings have a solo partnership, for two seasons. Last season Arseneault led the Bighorns to a 33-17 record and the number one seed in the D-League playoffs.

As Ham later noted in an article covering the change, no new coach has been announced yet, but the Kings are presumed to have an eye out for someone who more closely matches new Kings coach Dave Joerger's style of play. Arseneault was known for a high tempo offense that shattered multiple D-League records. The style of play was often questioned as to whether it actually helped prepare players for an NBA offense, but it did align with George Karl's philosophy of "faster is always better".

It seems encouraging that the Kings seem to be moving on from their previous obsession with pace above everything else. It remains to be seen how fast a style Joerger will implement in Sacramento, but it seems fair to assume the Kings will be moving more towards an average league pace in the year to come.