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Sacramento Kings reportedly interested in Dion Waiters

At least he's a guard

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

We have a new free agent rumor involving the Kings, and this time it's actually about someone that plays a position of need!  Unfortunately, it's about Dion Waiters.

I wouldn't completely hate a signing of Dion Waiters, as I think he played a valuable role for the Thunder in this year's playoffs, particularly against the Spurs and Warriors.  However he's proven over his first four seasons in the NBA that he's still a highly inefficient player who demands the ball and rarely puts in effort on the defensive end.  How focused would he be on a team like the Kings that isn't immediately contending for a title like the Thunder were?

Waiters is also a restricted free agent, meaning Oklahoma City can match any offers, although given they just traded for Victor Oladipo, I highly doubt they're looking to bring Waiters back and likely won't match a reasonable offer.

The Kings also just drafted a guard with a very similar playstyle in Malachi Richardson, and Richardson provides size and length to boot, two things that Waiters does not have.  If Waiters were a better playmaker or defender or shooter, I'd think he'd be a worthy target to chase, but then again if he was those things, he would be way more valuable and not attainable.

Waiters would still be an upgrade to Sacramento's dismal Shooting Guard corps, but I have to think there are better options that should be looked at first.