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Sacramento Kings interested in Allen Crabbe

Crabbe is a restricted free agent coming off a breakout season for the Portland Trail Blazers.

Cole Elsasser-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings need help on the wings, this much is agreed upon. Allen Crabbe is a 24-year-old restricted free agent who shot 39% from deep last season for the Portland Trail Blazers. It is not unreasonable then to expect that a section of Kings fans will clamor for Crabbe. Well, wish no more. According to reports, the Kings will be in the mix.

Tom Ziller placed Crabbe 28th in his 2016 Free Agent Rankings, saying the following:

The Blazers have such a clean cap sheet that they could justify paying Crabbe whatever it takes. Crabbe’s combination of youth (24) and three-point shooting (39 percent career) makes him a very attractive target for a lot of teams with wing needs.

As Tom points out, the Blazers have the means to match. Everyone has cap space this summer, and it's going to probably take an outrageous offer to pull Crabbe from Portland. I can't help that notice that the teams expected to compete to pay Crabbe are the Kings, Sixers, and Nets. Not exactly franchises in the throes of success. Rather, teams that might offer a big payday, allowing Crabbe to get paid and still remain with Portland.

I wouldn't get my hopes up for Crabbe, but it's nice to see the Kings in the mix for a wing that would make a lot of sense with the Kings roster.