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Rumor: Kings and Pacers discussing a deal for Rudy Gay

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It's widely known that the Kings are shopping Rudy Gay around, and the Bee's Jason Jones added fuel to that fire earlier today when he said there is a "growing belief around the league" that the Kings will trade Rudy.  Evan Massey, a sports contributor for Forbes, has heard that the Kings and Pacers could be talking about a deal, although nothing is imminent.

We'd already heard that Indiana had some interest in Rudy Gay on Draft Day, as Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Kings and Pacers discussed a deal before Indiana traded for Thaddeus Young.

We also know that the Kings have been infatuated with Monta Ellis for a while, with Vlade Divac targeting either him or Wesley Matthews in Free Agency last summer.  The Kings, of course, struck out with both players.  Ellis did not have a great year with the Pacers last year and Indiana might be looking to move on from that investment.

What bothers me about these trade and free agency rumors is that the Kings don't seem to be targeting anyone who can potentially help on the defensive end, an area that was one of Sacramento's biggest weaknesses.  That's not going to magically fix itself just because Joerger is a good defensive coach.  Personnel matters as well.