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Not all trade rumors deserve your attention

If a trade seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

As the free agency frenzy begins to slow down trade rumors are beginning to pick up. We know from various reports that the Kings are shopping Rudy Gay, Kosta Koufos, and Ben McLemore. Via James Ham, we also know that the Kings aren't overly eager to trade these players just for the sake of trading them.

This tells us not to get concerned if we hear rumors of Gay or Koufos being traded for other teams' scraps.

But we need to apply the same logic to other trade rumors on the market. Hear a deal that sounds too good to be true? It probably is. Take, for example, a rumor making the rounds on Monday.

Now, even with other pieces included, this seems rather dubious. Why would the Clippers unload Blake Griffin for a package centered around Rudy Gay? If the Clippers were moving in a new direction, why re-up Austin Rivers and Wesley Johnson?

I don't doubt the reporter, I'm sure he's passing on information that was given to him. It just feels like information coming from Boston or Sacramento, since it hypothetically inflates the value of their assets. That being said, Boston has long been a massively leaking ship for rumors, while the Kings seem to have finally stopped their leaks.

It's a fun idea, and I'd be on board with a deal where the Kings give up Rudy and get back Jae Crowder, but I'm not going to get too worked up over a rumor like this.