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Rudy Gay adds further clarity to his comments about the Kings and his future in Sacramento

Rudy Gay Kimani Okearah

Rudy Gay set off a bit of a media firestorm this week with just how candid he was about his frustrations with the Kings in an interview with our Blake Ellington. Since then, we’ve heard from Comcast California’s James Ham on Vlade Divac’s perspective of the matter. As Divac told Ham, “He has my number”.

Well apparently Rudy took him up on that offer, as he explained during another sit down interview, this time with News10’s Sean Cunningham.

"I have talked to Vlade," Gay said from his Nike Skills Academy at Hardwood Palace in Rocklin. "I can't say since Monday stuff has changed, but I just feel like we have a little bit of time to start changing things."


"At this point in my career I just want to be happy," said Gay. "I talked to Vlade and we're trying to make that happen."

Gay also offered up some clarity on his “surgery” comment in our interview with him, saying he misspoke.

"No, no, no, it wasn't surgery, it was a procedure," he said. "I didn't get cut open."

Ham reported on Wednesday that the procedure Rudy underwent was shock wave therapy to treat Achilles tendonitis.

I recommend reading all of Sean’s interview with Rudy. While it definitely still seems there are some issues to sort out between Rudy and the Kings, it’s good to see that communication is happening. Hopefully a solution can be found that will benefit both Rudy and the team, whether that’s in Sacramento or elsewhere.