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Kings Are Reportedly Interested In Jamal Crawford, Matt Barnes, and Donald Sloan

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

With roughly $20 million of open cap room remaining after signing Arron Afflalo and Anthony Tolliver, and before accounting for Rajon Rondo's cap hold and whatever comes of Seth Curry's free agency, the Kings have been linked to a few more solid veterans over the last 24 hours.

The first two reports come courtesy of Basketball Insiders' Alex Kennedy, mentioning the Kings in a list of suitors for free agent point guard Donald Sloan and veteran microwave Jamal Crawford.

Donald Sloan averaged 7.0 points, 4.4 assists, and 2.8 rebounds in 21.6 minutes per game with the Brooklyn Nets last season, shooting .440 from the field, and .384 from three. Sloan is a steady backup guard who has transitioned to more of a full-time point guard, but has prior experience playing off the ball with other primary ball handlers. He wouldn't be my first choice considering the pool of available reserve guards (hello, Beno Udrih) but Sloan is a good target for Vlade Divac and the Kings.

On a slightly less-good note, the Kings have also reportedly expressed interest in Jamal Crawford.

Jamal Crawford is a good player, and I probably underrate him because of my general dislike for shoot first, second, and third primary ball handlers, but Crawford can put points on the board in bunches, and the Kings could use that on their bench, particularly if last seasons bench scorer, Darren Collison, is starting for the Kings next season.

The Kings have had 'interest' in Crawford dating back to the Maloof era. He makes more sense in Sacramento now than he did under previous spells of 'interest', so while I wouldn't be as against signing Crawford now as I have been in the past, I would be extremely worried about the sort of contract it would take to land him. That is my biggest reason for staying away. I don't love the player, I respect his game, though. He has NBA skills, and the Kings could actually use those skills off the bench this season, but again, that contract scares me and I haven't even seen it yet.

It more obvious news, the Kings are also interested in Matt Barnes, courtesy of ESPN's Ramona Shelburne.

Dave Joerger speaks very highly of Matt Barnes. That, along with his connection to the region, gives this rumor some validity. If Matt Barnes didn't come with all the Matt Barnes baggage, this would be a solid acquisition for Vlade and friends. Barnes is 36, his three-point shooting took a dive last season in Memphis, but his toughness, and still-effective-despite-his-age defense on the perimeter is something the Kings sorely need. Joerger spent last season with Barnes in Memphis, so it'd be foolish of me to suggest that I know something about Barnes that Joerger doesn't, so I'll defer to his gut on this one. I like a lot of what Barnes brings to the table at what should be a low price point, but yeah, that baggage.

Of course, Vlade Divac has consistently gone against what similar 'reports' suggested he was working on, so all of this could be a big pile of nothing. Stay tuned.