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The only way for the Kings to attract big free agents is terrible Photoshop

The Kings have been very sensible in Free Agency so far, acquiring players that fit positions of need and not overspending to do so.  Sure, they aren't going after the bigger names but really what chance would they have had with those guys anyway?

That's not stopping one intrepid Twitter user from trying to recruit Free Agents through the power of Photoshop. Terrible, awful Photoshop.

I admire Earl's can do attitude, so I think it's time we all pitched in.

First up, the King himself, looking fresh in our new unis.  How could he say no?

Or maybe LeBron's former teammate, Dwyane Wade, who has seemingly grown discontent with Miami's offer?

Everyone's waiting for Kevin Durant to make his big announcement tomorrow, how about one last push from the Kings, who can bring notable local celebrities like Tom Hanks and Jessica Chastain to watch him from the front rows at the new arena!

The Kings almost traded for Pau last year, why not give it a shot in Free Agency?

We've heard all about the Kings interest in Dion Waiters.  Here he is headlining the jumbotron at the Golden 1 Center after a big play!

Our pitch to Dirk obviously has to be about winning more titles.

Show us your mad photoshop/MS Paint/crayon skills for your pitches to Free Agents in the comments below! We're bound to attract someone's attention!


Some user created marvels have started to roll in: