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Kings waive Caron Butler and Duje Dukan

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Leave it to the Kings to usurp this Kevin Durant news with a huge roster move of their own; They have announced that they have waived Caron Butler and Duje Dukan.  Shocking, I know.

Jokes aside, this makes sense for the Kings who were already at a 15 man roster after all their signings to date and their four draft picks.

The Kings could still invite Dukan to Summer League but there's almost no chance he makes the final team.  Heck, it was pretty surprising that he made the final team last year with a two year contract to boot based off of a solid summer league outing.

Butler surprised me by not opting out but this way he still gets paid even if nobody picks him up.  I still think he'll get added to some playoff contenders end of bench roster.  With Barnes on board, whatever minutes Butler had hoped to see likely were eliminated.