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2016-17 NBA Schedule Released: Kings to open up the Golden 1 Center on October 27th

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Golden 1 Center

The NBA released the full 2016-17 schedule today for what will be the first year at Golden 1 Center for the Sacramento Kings. Here's a brief FAQ, but you can check out the full schedule on

When is the Home Opener?

Unlike the previous three years, the Kings will NOT be opening the season at home, as they will be traveling to Phoenix for their first game on October 26th. The Golden 1 Center will open up the next night for the Kings as they take on the Spurs (yeah, second night of a back to back for our home opener against one of the best teams in the league for our home opener. Thanks NBA).

Do we have any national TV games this year?

The Kings have just two National TV games this year, not counting NBA TV. They both come in November, are both against Los Angeles teams and are both at home:

Nov. 10th vs. L.A. Lakers (TNT)

Nov. 18th vs. L.A. Clippers (ESPN)

When do we get to see Seth and Quincy come back?

Not until their contracts are up, or maybe we can trade for them on Dec. 15th? Oh, you meant as opposing players? Ugh. Well I guess the answer to that would be not until April 4th, as the Kings play the Mavericks just once at home this season.

When do we get to see the Kings shock the world and beat Tom Ziller’s Warriors?

We’ll have to wait until 2017, as the Kings first matchup against the Warriors is on Jan. 8th in Sacramento, followed up by Feb. 4th at home and then in Oakland on Feb. 15th and March 24th. Should be an easy sweep for Sacramento.

When are James Jones and the defending champs coming to Sac?

King James and crew make their first and only visit to Sacramento (aside from the inevitable Finals matchup in June) on Friday, January 13th. An unlucky day to be a Cavs fan, to be sure.

What's the longest home stand?

7 games, starting January 4th against the Miami Heat to January 18th against the Indiana Pacers.

And longest road trip?

That is also 7 games and it immediately follows the longest home stand, starting on Jan. 20th in Memphis and concluding Jan. 31st in Houston. Then the Kings have their second longest homestand at 6 games immediately after that!

What’s the final game of the season?

The final game of the season comes on April 12th in Los Angeles against the Clippers. Their final game at home will be the night before against the Phoenix Suns.

Will the Kings sign another Point Guard?

Point Guard Watch, Day 48

Miscellaneous Interesting Facts:

  • As expected, most home games will now take place at 7:30 p.m. Pacific Time with the move to Downtown.
  • Rajon Rondo comes into town on February 6th.
  • Marco Belinelli will set a career-high in three pointers made against the Kings on January 28th and February 25th.
  • The Kings play the following Western teams just three times: Dallas (1 Home / 2 Away), New Orleans (2 Home / 1 Away), Portland (1 Home / 2 Away), and Oklahoma City (2 Home / 1 Away)

Which games are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments.