Rockets interested in Gay?

According to Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders, the Houston Rockets are showing interest in our disillusioned star, Rudy Gay.

"The next hurdle is value. League sources say while there are teams that have expressed interest in Gay - most notably the Houston Rockets - getting anything of real value back on what could be a one-year rental at Gay's price tag is hard math to make work. There is a sense among league insiders that the Kings are not looking for a ton in return for Gay, so that may make finding a deal a little easier even with all the issues surrounding a deal."

Rudy Gay would certainly make sense on the Rockets' roster. Mike D'Antoni loves versatile offensive players and that's just what he would get with an acquisition of Gay. Houston is clearly going all-in on an all-offensive team next year and the addition of Rudy would push that agenda even further. As we all know, the Rudini can play small forward or power forward and can lead a team on the offensive end of the court if your star is out for limited time. He's a solid rebounder and his three point shooting (35%) would also fit easily within D'Antoni's scheme.

The Possible Trade

Rudy's salary makes things a little bit difficult in a trade scenario, but Houston is one of the few teams with the players and salaries to match. The Kings are clearly desperate for a point guard, so Pat Beverly would need to be the centerpiece of any trade. Beverly is a good defender, but struggles with injuries. He's not as talented as Collison and I would predict him coming off of the bench once Darren returns from suspension. The Rockets can afford to let Beverly go as Harden is the dominant ball handler on any team. Houston would bring Eric Gordon into the starting lineup to fill in for Beverly's spot.

Hou: Rudy Gay, Ben McLemore

Sac: Pat Beverly, Trevor Ariza,

Houston is getting the best overally player in Rudy Gay. Rudy can start at small forward and can take over the offense if Harden is struggling, in foul trouble, or resting. He can knock down three pointers, rebound, and is actually a good defender when he's engaged. McLemore gives them a prospect to run around in transition and jack up threes in D'Antoni's offensive game plan. Ben would have no pressure to perform during big minutes as he would be behind Eric Gordon and Corey Brewer on the depth chart.

Sacramento solves their biggest need for a starting point guard. Beverly can come off of the bench when Darren Collison returns and he's the sort of nasty defender that Joerger will love. Ariza can start for the Kings and his on ball defense and three point shooting (37%) would be a huge welcome on the team. A starting lineup of Beverly, Afflalo, Ariza, Cauley-Stein, and Boogie is a nasty defensive group to contend against on either end of the floor.

There is also the possibility of a three team deal out there. Rudy Gay could go the Rockets, assets from Houston could go to a third team, and we could get a point guard in return. For example:

Hou: Rudy Gay, Ben McLemore

Mil: Pat Beverly

Sac: Trevor Ariza, Michael Carter-Williams

The Kings would get a younger, more traditional point guard in MCW, but he is essentially Rajon Rondo-lite. If the Kings can get a quality point guard in exchange for Rudy Gay, they should jump on that deal in a heartbeat.

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