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The Kings could kinda be interested in trading for Ricky Rubio someday maybe

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If you’ve had the luxury of perusing the internet today, chances are you came across a plethora of headlines suggesting that the Sacramento Kings are interested in Ricky Rubio based on a line Minneapolis news reporter and 1500ESPN host Darren Wolfson said on his radio show today.

Darren Wolfson, as transcribed by NBC Sports

As Glen Taylor said on this podcast a couple episodes ago, Ricky Rubio will start the season with the Wolves. But I can tell you, as I’ve said a number of times, the Sacramento Kings are a team to watch. Vlade Divac, George Karl, now George Karl into Dave Joerger. Keep an eye on the Sacramento Kings if slash when the Wolves decide to make a move on Ricky. But, again, nothing is imminent. Ricky Rubio will be with the Wolves opening night.

As you can probably deduce based on Wolfson’s quote above, there just isn’t a whole lot going on here, but if you’re going to get this news somewhere, it might as well be here where we can all discuss how bad the rumor is despite how much sense it makes. It produces a great headline, though!

Of course the Kings should be interested in Ricky Rubio, and I’d even be willing to take it a step further and suggest that the Kings probably are interested in Ricky Rubio. Rubio is a good player, and beyond that, the Kings desperately need point guard help. They should, and will be linked to just about any available point guard until they fill that hole, because that is how all of this works. Agents drum up interest, and the easiest way to do that is by simply looking at what teams need your player. The dots are easy to connect.

I certainly think Rubio is available despite what Glen Taylor may say publically, but that is speculation on my part. It doesn’t mean the Kings have the appropriate assets to land Rubio (I don’t think they do!) or that this ‘rumor’ should be picking up as much steam as it had, but NBA summer.

Let this serve as some sort of disclaimer – Ricky Rubio would be a welcome addition to the Kings, but don’t get yourself any more worked up over his potential landing in Sacramento now than you were 24 hours ago.

This has been Point Guard Watch, Day 53.