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The DeMarcus Cousins vs. Brittney Griner 1 on 1 game needs to happen

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Basketball - Olympics: Day 11 Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images

One of the best stories out of the 2016 Rio Olympics has been the camaraderie between the Men and Women’s basketball teams, with DeMarcus Cousins and Phoenix Mercury star Brittney Griner particularly forming a close bond. Cousins and Griner have been going back and forth for a couple weeks now about playing each other 1 on 1.

It got brought up again at a recent practice, especially after Griner said she would win the game, with some skepticism coming from the likes of Draymond Green and Kevin Durant.

USA Women’s coach Geno Auriemma provides the best quote though, not sounding very confident in his star center’s chances.

If there’s no referee, I’m going to go the ATM, sell my house, and put all my money on DeMarcus Cousins.

I say if both Men and Women’s teams come home with the Gold, this show match should happen as soon as possible, with proceeds to the winner’s charity of choice. Let’s settle this once and for all.