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Point Guard Watch Day 57: Milos Teodosic won't come to the NBA this season

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Though he's looked good in the Olympics, don't expect Teodosic to come solve the Kings PG issues.

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

As the Sacramento Kings enter Day 57 of Point Guard Watch, it's only natural that Kings fans may have noticed that Milos Teodosic has looked really good for Serbia. The Kings are already counting on Bogdan Bogdanovic to come over next season, why not bring over Teodosic this summer? And it makes perfect sense, if it wasn't for the difficult relationship between the NBA and FIBA contracts.

The Memphis Grizzlies attempted to sign Teosodic in 2013, according to ESPN's Marc Stein. Instead, Milos signed a 3-year deal with CSKA Moscow, and according to Stein, that contract has no NBA outs.

But Teodosic elected to sign a contract instead with CSKA Moscow that has one more season remaining. His current deal has no NBA outs, so the summer of 2017 is the earliest that Teodosic would be a free agent.

In theory, anything contract could be negotiated, but CSKA Moscow has no incentive to give up such a talented player unless they received a significant payday. They would probably require a buyout in excess of Teosodic's current contract of $2.5 million per year.

Per Larry Coon's CBA FAQ (a fantastic resource for all things CBA-related), for the coming year NBA teams can pay no more than $625,000 towards international buyouts. This means that, even if CSKA Moscow and FIBA agreed to let Teosodic come over, he would personally be on the hook for a substantial sum of money out of his own pocket.

In short, Teosodic isn't coming over this season, to the Kings or to anyone else.

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