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There is mutual interest between the Miami Heat and Rudy Gay

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NBA: Miami Heat at Sacramento Kings John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

The Kings and Rudy Gay clearly seem to have a rocky relationship right now, and all indications seem to be that both parties are searching for a way to move on. It doesn’t surprise me however that Sacramento hasn’t managed to find a trade partner for Gay yet, as the Kings probably want a little bit more than most teams are willing to give. It seems unlikely that the Kings would be able to get back equal talent in any transaction. There’s also the fact that Rudy can simply leave after this season, so other teams are likely wary of offering any meaningful assets for someone who isn’t guaranteed to stay.

All that being said, a new report from the Miami Herald indicates that the Heat and Rudy Gay see each other as a mutual fit.

According to an associate, the Heat is among teams that very much appeal to Sacramento forward Rudy Gay, who has been available in trades. But Miami likely lacks the tradable assets to acquire him if it wanted to and his $14.2 million player option for 2017-18 is worrisome. Players signed this month in free agency cannot be traded until Dec. 15.

Miami would make sense for Gay, especially with the departure of Dwyane Wade, but as the report itself suggests, Miami doesn’t exactly seem to have the most tradeable assets. They’re not going to be giving up guys like Chris Bosh, Goran Dragic, Tyler Johnson or Justise Winslow. Would Josh Richardson, one of last year’s surprise rookies, be enough for the Kings? And would Miami even be willing to part with such a potentially promising young player on a good contract for a possible one season of Gay? I’d be surprised.

At this point, I think Rudy Gay will end up being on the Kings roster as of opening night, as there just doesn’t seem to be much incentive for other teams to aggressively pursue him right now. Maybe a good start under Dave Joerger and an increase in trade flexibility after December 15th (when players signed this summer can first be traded) will open up some options.