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30Q: How many wins will the Kings have this season?

Vegas put the over/under at 32.5. Will the Kings surpass their expectations once more or regress?

NBA: Sacramento Kings-Press Conference Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Las Vegas recently released their win expectations for every team in the NBA and the outlook for the Kings wasn’t great. They set Sacramento’s wins for the season at 32.5, two games higher than last season’s initial projection, but also basically predicting that the Kings haven’t moved the needle much at all this offseason and should expect similar results.

Last year I railed about Vegas’ win total projections, and the Kings proved me right... just barely. Sacramento managed to win just 33 games, which was a big disappointment for a team with playoff aspirations and that was in the mix for the playoffs until late January.

I’ve learned my lesson from last year. I can’t find any problems with Vegas’ projection right now as I’m kind of in wait and see mode. I do think the Kings will be better though, but that’s putting a lot on a new head coach who will have to implement a brand new system (which for some of these guys on this team will be their third newest system in three years).

The Kings also have a lot of uncertainty roster wise. Darren Collison is likely going to be suspended for a good amount of time to begin the year, leaving the starting PG position up for grabs between Garrett Temple and one of Jordan Farmar/Ty Lawson. Rudy Gay wants out. The team added three rookies who don’t exactly fill positions of need and won’t be expected to contribute much this year.

Joerger isn’t going to have the same familiarity with the roster that he did last season when he dragged his injury-riddled roster into the playoffs. He’s also got a different goal, as he’s talked about doing things the right way and not necessarily the easy way. In every interview so far, he’s done a good job of lowering expectations and noting that this season isn’t necessarily about wins and losses. In other words, it’s another soft reset for the Kings, a franchise that can’t ever seem to simply go forward.

So how many wins will the Kings have this year? 30? 35? 40? It doesn’t really matter to me, even though I’d obviously enjoy a season with more. This year’s about so much more. This is a pivotal year in this franchise’s future, and I’m hoping that after the end of this season we’ll actually get some answers instead of being left with more and more questions, wondering when this ride will ever end.