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30Q: Will the Kings finally convey their first round pick?

Will the Kings finally be freed of the obligation that's hung over the franchise since 2011?

Sacramento Kings v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It's time once again for our annual series "30Q" in which we answer 30 questions over the course of September as we get ready for the upcoming season.

The Sacramento Kings acquired JJ Hickson from the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2011, sending Omri Casspi and a protected first-round pick. Half a decade later, the Kings are still dealing with the fallout. Will this finally be the year that the Kings deliver the owed pick?

The pick has hampered flexibility in trades and has influenced strategy in trades. In this year’s draft day trade with the Phoenix Suns, Kings GM Vlade Divac cited the acquisition of Bogdan Bogdanovic as key, assuming the Kings could convey the pick owed to Chicago.

Ah yes, Chicago. The Kings have proven so inept over the years that the Cavaliers gave up and traded the pick to the Chicago Bulls for a three-month rental of Luol Deng.

So what will it take to actually convey the pick? The Kings pick is top-10 protected. Can the Kings be good enough to pick 11th or worse? It's certainly possible. The Kings wildly underperformed last season and still picked 8th, and that was after a tie-breaking coin flip.

It’s possible, and perhaps even likely that the pick conveys this year. If not, the pick becomes a second round pick with minimal protections. Either way, the JJ Hickson trade will no longer be over our heads after this year.