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Omri Casspi is struggling in his limited opportunies

Omri’s minutes have been sporadic, and his production has matched

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Toronto Raptors Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Omri Casspi was one of the best value contracts in the NBA last season. On a team-friendly deal, Casspi put up career bests for points per game, three point percentage, two point percentage, and rebounds. Even after this summer’s roster moves, most still expected Casspi to be a productive member of the roster.

Instead, Casspi is averaging fewer 10 fewer minutes per game when he plays, and has only seen the court in 21 games. His numbers are down across the board, even when adjusted to a per-minute basis. His shot has been less consistent, and he seems to be trying to do too much whenever he finally he sees the floor.

The one area he’s improved is his rebounding. Most of Omri’s minutes seem to have been handed to Matt Barnes, whose biggest statistical value to the team is his rebounding. But on a per minute basis, Casspi is the better rebounder this year.

Omri’s situation is a very chicken-or-the-egg scenario. Omri’s numbers are down, but he’s not getting consistent playing time. Omri’s not getting consistent playing time, but his numbers are down so it’s tough to justify more.

Hopefully Omri’s situation gets improved between now and the deadline. Perhaps a trade opens up more minutes for Omri to play consistently, or maybe he gets sent to a better situation. Either way, it’s tough to see a fan favorite like Omri in such a difficult situation in a contract year.