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It’s time to stop! (complaining to the officials)

The constant complaining is getting out of hand.

Kimani Okearah

There’s no statistic I can find that measures “complaints per 100 possessions” but if such a statistic were to exist, the Sacramento Kings would likely lead the NBA. DeMarcus Cousins is the main culprit of course (one thing that both pro and anti Cousins groups can agree is a downer), but he’s also not the lone offender. Night after night, game after game, the Kings at some point begin to focus more on the officiating than the game itself.

Last night for example, Matt Barnes got whistled for a technical after committing an offensive foul in a somewhat close game. The Kings ended up losing by 4 and while the technical was not a bigger offense than letting Oklahoma City get a double-digit lead, it sure didn’t help.

As Grant Napear and Jerry Reynolds are fond of saying, an official has never changed a call because of a player’s issue with it. Yet that fact doesn’t seem to deter the Kings, who whine and moan about so many things while the other team simply goes down the floor and plays basketball.

Garrett Temple’s got the right frame of mind here, but Temple isn’t the leader of this team. That title belongs to DeMarcus Cousins and Dave Joerger. Cousins needs to start leading by example and letting his game do the talking instead of his mouth. It’s his 7th season in the NBA and this is a problem that has persisted since his rookie season. I can understand being frustrated with calls or non-calls; As a fan, I probably complain about the officials myself more than is reasonable. But players need to be focusing on the game itself. There’s no good that can come from complaining. I’m not sure what steps Dave Joerger needs to take to curtail this habit, but it’s extremely frustrating as a fan to watch in each game.

Hopefully this can get better, but if history’s any indication, it’s not likely to change soon.