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Kings Trade Rumors: McLemore and Afflalo most likely to be traded

Shooting guards are the latest rumor topics

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Sacramento Kings Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Before his devastating achilles injury, Rudy Gay was the Sacramento Kings player most likely to be traded before the deadline. With Gay firmly removed from any trade discussion, Kings fans are left searching for clues as to what the team will do next. Enter ESPN’s Marc Stein:

Given Gay's long-term unavailability and Sacramento's well-known hopes of convincing DeMarcus Cousins to sign for the long term, ‎two wings have emerged as the most likely Kings to be dealt:

Ben McLemore first and foremost, followed by Arron Afflalo.

Neither name is necessarily surprising. McLemore has had a disappointing career in Sacramento and will be a free agent this summer. Afflalo signed a two-year deal this past summer, but most of the second year is unguaranteed, and Afflalo has struggled to find his place in the rotation with the Kings.

Perhaps more perplexing are the names not mentioned by Stein. No mention of Darren Collison, Kosta Koufos, or Willie Cauley-Stein. It’s still early, though, and much could change between now and the trade deadline.