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Malachi Richardson is making a case for more minutes

He’s still raw, but the Kings rookie is earning a chance

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Detroit Pistons Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Shooting guard has been a problem for the Sacramento Kings since they traded Kevin Martin in 2010. In that time we’ve seen plenty of players come and go, and plenty of players fail after initial flashes of success. It’s for these reasons that I’m not ready to annoint Malachi Richardson as the shooting guard of the future, but it’s obvious after Monday’s game against the Detroit Pistons that Malachi deserves a consistent opportunity.

It’s hard to get excited about a player who has played 60 total minutes this season, and whose best games saw him getting beat on defense and scoring all of 5 points. And yet I’m excited about Malachi Richardson. He attacks with a confidence that Ben McLemore has failed to display in four seasons. He forces the defense to respond to him.

We’ve seen glimpses of success from Ben before, though. It’s far too early to say that early aggressiveness will lead to career success for Malachi. But does anyone feel like McLemore deserves minutes over Richardson at this point in this season?

Sound off in the comments. Is the Malachi hype starting too soon, or is he your new favorite player? Only these two extremes will be allowed.