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Sacramento Kings and Lil Jon to raise money for charity via opening night halftime performance. Yeah!

The funds will support local wildfire relief efforts as well as hurricane victims.

Behind The Scenes: Making with Michaels Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for The Michaels Companies

The Sacramento Kings announced that they’ll use the opening night halftime performance by Lil Jon to raise money for hurricane victims and local wildfire relief efforts. The Kings will honor first responders throughout the night and will encourage donations to the Red Cross. The fundraising effort will be coordinated through Facebook Live, the first time an NBA event has raised funds in this way.

A couple of thoughts on this. First, this is a very cool move by the Kings. I’m always a fan of using basketball to improve the lives of others. The country has seen unbelievable devastation in recent months with hurricanes ravaging Houston, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean. And anyone who has stepped outside in Sacramento or the Bay Area recently knows just how massive the deadly wildfires have been in California. That the Kings will put on a show for fans and raise some money for worthwhile causes is fantastic.

Second, on a much lighter note, this was probably my favorite press release I’ve ever received, specifically because of this line:

Lil Jon said, “I’m ready to rock wit’ yall in Sacramento!! Happy to be part of the Facebook Live fundraising efforts to benefit victims of the recent hurricanes and the Northern Cali wildfires. Let’s raise this money!”